Psali Watos for both the Feasts of Circumcision and the entry into the Temple :: Aniou`i `mP=o=c `nnisyri


Present to the Lord, O blessed sons of God, present to the Lord, lambs and fat calves.
Send up unto Him the honor, the glory of His holy name, serve God righteously, and worship Him in courts of His holiness.

Aniou`i `mP=o=c `[email protected] `nte V] `et`[email protected] `aniou`i `mP=o=c `[email protected] nem hanmaci eukeniwout.
Bwrp naf `e`pswi `mpitai`[email protected] nem ou`wou `mpefran =e=;[email protected] `ari bwk `mP=o=c qen ou`[email protected] ouoh ouwst qen nefaulyou `e;ouab.

قدموا للرب أبناء اللـه المباركين قدموا للـرب الكـباش والعجول.
أرسلوا له إلي فوق الكرامة والمجد لاسمه القدوس اعبدوا الرب بأدب واسجدوا في ديار قدسه.

For the offerings are sent to Him, come into His holy courts, raise on His alter, the calves and the lambs.
David the true chanter, says in great care, I was glad when they said to me, let us go into the house of the Lord.

Ge gar eufai naf `nhan [email protected] masenwten `eqoun `enefaulyou =e=;[email protected] `ini `e`pswi `ejen pefma`[email protected] `nhanbaryit nem hanhiyb.
Dauid pihumnodoc `[email protected] efjoc qen ounis] `n`[email protected] je aiounof `ejen ny`etaujoc [email protected] je tennasenan `e`pyi `mP=o=c.

لأن له ترفع الذبائـح أدخلوا إلي ديـار قدسه واصعدوا علي مذبـحه التيـوس والحملان.
داود المرتل الحقيقي يقول بحرص عظيم فرحت بالقائـلين لي إلي بيت الرب نذهب أدخل إلي.

Come into, the Alter of God, with good praises, and with bloodless oblations.
For truly the Maker of the law, who created Adam, became under the Law, when He was born of Mariam.

Ei`e`i `eqoun sa [email protected] `nerswousi `nte V]@ qen hanhumnoc `[email protected] nem han ;uci`a `nat`cnof.
Zeontwc petcemne [email protected] vy`etaf ;ami`o `n`[email protected] afswpi qa [email protected] `etacmacf `nje Mariam.

أدخل إلي مـذبح اللـه بتسابيح جيدة وذبائـح غير دموية.
فبالحـقيقـة واضع النموس الذي خلق آدم صـار تـحت الناموس لمـا ولدتـه مريم

When it was eight full days, after his mysterious birth, He completed the Law, and entered the house of circumcision.
The only begotten God, took our shape in everything, but the sin alone, and He is the Lord of hosts.

=Y `n`ehoou `etaumoh `[email protected] menenca pefjinmici `n`[email protected] afjwk `mpinomoc `[email protected] afse `eqoun `e`pyi `mpicebi.
:=c piouai `[email protected] af`ini `mmon qen hwb [email protected] saten `vnobi `[email protected] `n;of pe P=o=c `nte nom] niben.

ولما كملت ثـمانيـة أيام بـعد ميلاده العـجيب أكـمل النماوس ودخل بيت الخـتان.
الأله الواحيد وحده أشبهنا في كل شيء مـا خلا الخطيـئة وحدها وهو رب كل غزاء.

And was called Jesus Christ, according to the saying of the angel, before He emptied Himself, in the womb of the Virgin.
And also quickly, when she finished her days, according to the Law of Moses, she washed and was purified.

I=y=c P=,=c aumou] `[email protected] kata `pcaji `[email protected] `mpatouerboki `[email protected] qen `;neji `n]par;enoc.
Ke palin on qen [email protected] aujwk `ebol `nje nou`[email protected] kata `vnomoc `mMw`[email protected] aujwkem ouoh autoubwou.

ودُعي يسوع المسيح كقول الملاك قبل أن حُبل به في بطن العذراء.
وأيضاً بسرعة لمـا كملت أيـامهمـا كناموس مـوسى اغتسلا وطهرا.

And also with a broken spirit, going to Jerusalem, to fulfill what's written, with an unfortified heart.
And after that Simon, have carried Him on his hands, and by that he opened his mouth, and blessed the Lord of the ages.

Loipon qen ou=p=n=a [email protected] ausenwou on `[email protected] `e`iri `mvyet`[email protected] `ere nouhyt oi `natkim.
Menenca nai af`wli `[email protected] `ejen nefjij `nje [email protected] `mpairy] afouwn `[email protected] af`cmou `eV] `nni`ewn.

وأيضاً بروح منسحق ذهبـا إلي أورشليم ليصنعا المكتوب بقلب غير متزعزع.
وبعد هذا حـمله سـمعان علي يديه وهكذا فاه وبارك إله الدهور.

My eyes have seen Your salvation, now O Lord let Your servant, depart in peace quickly, according to Your saying.
And she came with rejoicing, Anna the prophetess, the daughter of Phanuel, and had confessed.

Nabal aunau `[email protected] ]nou panyb `,na,a [email protected] qen ouhiryny `n,[email protected] kata `pcaji `nte rwk.
Xapina qen ou;[email protected] ac`i `nje ]`[email protected] Anna `tseri `[email protected] ouoh acer`omologityc.

عيناي قـد أبصرتا خـلاصك الآن يا سيد أطلق عـبدك بسلام عاجلاً كقول فيك.
وبغـتة أنت بتهليل حنـة النبيـة بنت فنوئـيل واعترفت.

To You is due the glory and the honor, O You the meek in His power, the Lord the Creator, the old man by His right.
Your name is sweat and blessed, in the mouths of Your saints, we worship You with Your Father, and the Holy Spirit.

Ou`wou nak nemou tai`[email protected] `w piaplouc qen tefouci`[email protected] pinou] `nref;ami`[email protected] `mpirwmi `n`apac qn pefou`inam.
Pekran holj ouoh `f`[email protected] qen rwou `nny=e=;=u `[email protected] tenouwst `mmok nem [email protected] nem pi=p=n=a =e=;=u.

لك المـجد والكرامة أيها البسيط في جوهره الإله الخالق الإنسان العتيق بيمينه.
إسـمك حلو ومبارك في أفـواه قديسيك نسجد لك مع أبيك والروح القدس.

Behold everyone, praise and witness to Him, the shepherds and the wise men, and the orders of the angels.
Simon and Anna the prophetess, the voice of the Father, and John the Baptist, and Zechariah his father.

Rwic `nouon [email protected] euhwc `erof euerme;re naf `aly;[email protected] niman`ecwou nem [email protected] nem `p,wroc `nniaggeloc.
Cimwn nem Anna ]`[email protected] nem `t`cmy `nte `[email protected] nem I=w=a [email protected] nem Za,ariac pefiwt.

تأملـوا الـجميـع يسبحونه ويشهدون له الرعـاة والـمجوس وصفوف الملـئكة.
سـمعـان وحـنة النبية وصوت الآب ويوحـنا المعمـدان وزكريـا أبـوه.

Therefore David rejoiced, with authority, therefore they present, bulls on Your alter.
The Son of God Emmanuel, He is the true sacrifice, and the oblation and burnt offering, placed in the Alter.

Tote D=a=d qen [email protected] efcaji qen [email protected] tote eu`e`ini `[email protected] `e`pswi `ejen pekma`nerswousi.
U=c :=c [email protected] pe pisouswousi `mme;[email protected] ou`anavora nemou `[[email protected] `etau,af qen piervei.

حينئـذ داود يقول بسلطان فارحاً حينئذ يقدمون على مذبحك العجول.
ابن اللـه عمـانوئيل هو الذبيحة بالحقيقة والقربان والمـحرقـة موضوعاً في الهيكل.

Who was raised, on the wood of the cross, with His will alone, for the purification of the world.
Holy O You truly, who fulfilled the humanity, and He is God in truth, in the perfection of his wondrous Divinity.

Vy`etauenf `e`pswi `[email protected] hijen pise `nte pi`[email protected] qen pefouws `mmin `[email protected] e;be `ptoubo `mpikocmoc.
`<ouab `n;ok qen oume;[email protected] `w vy`etaf jek ][email protected] ouoh `n;of ounou] `[email protected] qen `pjwk `ntefme;nou] `n`svyri.

الذي رُفع علي خشبة الصليب بـإرادتـه وحده مـن أجل تطهيـر العالـم.
قدوس أنت بالحقيقة يا من اكمل الأنسانية وهو اللـه حقاً في كـمال لاهـوتـه العجيب.

All the souls of Your people, give them rest and coolness, in the bosoms of the first fathers, Abraham Isaac and Jacob
O name full of Glory, O name full of blessing, deliver us from the evil one, from the prince of the death.

"u,y niben `nte [email protected] moi nwou `nou`mton nem ou`,[email protected] qen kenf `nni`proto [email protected] Abraam Icaak Iakwb.
`W piran e;meh `n`[email protected] `w piran e;meh `n`[email protected] nahmet `ebol ha [email protected] nem `ebolha `persisi `nte `vmou.

كل أنفس شعبك أعطها راحة وبرودة في أحضان الآبء الأولين إبـراهيـم واسحق ويعقوب.
أيـها الأسم المملوء مـجداً أيـها الأسم المملوء بركة نـجني من الشـرير ومن سلطان الموت.