Night of the Last Supper

1- Night of the last supper, night of the last supper.

Jesus took bread and broke and said "This is my Body."

R- Our Master, Our Savior, gave us the vine of love.

He is the Bread of Life, coming from heaven above.

2- Night when my Lord suffered, night when my Lord suffered.

He took wine and gave thanks, and said "This is my Blood".

3- This is the Groom's Supper, is given to His Bride.

Promising eternal life, up in the Lord's kingdom.

4- This is the food of souls, is offered to us all.

And the Blood is given, to help me lest I fall.

5- Jesus, You are my hope, forgive my sins O Lord.

Wash me and clean my soul, put on me a new robe.

6- My heart I give to You, Your will I want to do.

Your love to me I knew, when You paid all my dues.

7- Jesus fill all my heart, the devil has no part.

And through this sacrament, He gave me a new start.

8- Jesus to you I pray, to lead me in your way.

Bless me and help me obey, all what the Bible says.

9- Christ suffered for my sake, His mercy is so great.

My sins Jesus erased, and a new life He gave.

10 My heart is filled with joy, and my spirit rejoices.

with God I have union, when I take Communion.