Psali Adam for Annunciation :: Aierhelpic `erok


I hoped in You, O Jesus Christ the Son of God, I sinned forgive me, for the sake of the Mother of God.
Loosen from me, the works of my sins, hide not Your face from me, O Christ the Lover of man.

Aierhelpic `[email protected] `w I=y=c P=,=c `psyri `mV]@ aiernobi `[email protected] ,w nyi `ebol e;be ]macnou].
Bwl `ebol [email protected] `nni`hbyou`i `nte [email protected] `m`perhi `pho `[email protected] `w P=,=c pimairwmi.

توكلت عليك يا يسوع المسيح ابن الله أخطأت إليك اغفر لي من أجل والدة الإله.
حل عني أعمال خطاياي لا تصرف وجهك عني أيها المسيح محب البشر.

For You have truly come, to the womb of the Virgin, You are the Head, and the Creator.
Truly Luke has taught, us with joy, concerning the mystery, of Emmanuel.

Ge gar `n;ok ak`[email protected] qen `;neji `n]par;[email protected] `n;ok pe `par,[email protected] ouoh pidymiourgoc.
Dikeoc [email protected] Loukac qen ou;[email protected] e;be [email protected] `nte Emmanouyl.

+ لأنك أتيت الي بطن العذراء وأنت الرئيس والخالق.
+ حقاً أخبرنا لوقا بالتهليل بسر عمانوئيل.

Therefore he spoke, of the Servant, Gabriel the Messenger, to the Virgin.
Truly he spoke, with her and said, "Hail to you O full of grace, O pure one."

E;be vai [email protected] e;be [email protected] Gabriyl [email protected] `ejen ]par;enoc.
Ze ontwc [email protected] nemac afjw `[email protected] je ,ere ke,[email protected] `w ka;aroc.

لذلك قال عن غبريال خادم الأقداس المبشر للعذراء
قد تكلم معها قائلاً السلام لك أيتها الممتلئة نعمة النقية.

"Behold you will conceive, and give birth to a son, the Son of the Highest, the Mighty Jesus."
Yours is the power and blessing, O Christ the Eternal One, who has shone today, in the womb of Mary.

Yppe [email protected] ouoh `ntemici `[email protected] `psyri `mvyet[[email protected] I=y=c pe pi`amahi.
:wk te ]jom nem pi`[email protected] `w P=,=c piaidi`[email protected] vyetafsai `[email protected] qen `;neji Mari`a.

+ هوذا العبدة ولدت الابن ابن العلي يسوع له العزة.
+ لك القوة والبركة أيها المسيح الذاتي الذي أشرق اليوم في بطن العذراء.

Jesus the Lover of man, has shone in the flesh, according to the Messenger, Gabriel the Angel.
Truly He became, the Son of Man, You are the True God, the King of Heaven and Earth.

I=y=c [email protected] afsai [email protected] kata [email protected] `nte Gabriyl piaggeloc.
Kalwc qen oume;[email protected] afswpi `nsyri `[email protected] `n;ok pe V] `[email protected] `pouro `nte `tve nem pikahi.

يسوع محب البشر أشرق جسدياً كبشرى غبريال الملاك.
حسناً بالحقيقة صار ابن بشر هو الإله الحقيقى ملك السماء والأرض.

Proclaim O prophets, with the righteous, that Christ the Master, came into the world.
Let us be proud today, with Abraham the Great, and all his sons, and the race of Adam.

Lali `w ni`[email protected] nem [email protected] je P=,=c [email protected] af`i `epikocmoc.
Marefsousou `[email protected] pinis] [email protected] nem nefsyri [email protected] nem `pgenoc `nAdam.

+ قولوا أيها الأنبياء والصديقون لأن المسيح السيد أتي إلي العالم.
+ فليفتخر اليوم إبراهيم العظيم وكل أبنائه وجنس آدم.

"Have mercy and hear us, O Only-Begotten One, O King of the ages, save us from our troubles."
Blessed are You O King, the Lamb of God, the King of all kings, who came for our salvation.

Nai nan cwtem `[email protected] `w [email protected] `w `pouro `nni`[email protected] nahmen qen nen`;lu'ic.
X`cmarwout `w [email protected] pihiyb `nte V]@ `pouro `nte [email protected] vyetaf`i e;be pencw].

ارحمنا واسمعنا أيها الوحيد الجنس ملك الدهور نجنا من شدائدنا.
مبارك أنت يا ملكنا حمل الله ملك الملوك الذي جاء لأجل خلاصنا.

The mystery, of God the Word, appeared to us, through the Virgin.
One from the, Holy Trinity, today was incarnate, from the Saint.

[email protected] `mV] [email protected] afouwnh `[email protected] `ebolqen ]par;enoc.
Piouai `[email protected] }`triac =e=;[email protected] af[icarx `[email protected] `ebolqen ;y=e=;=u.

+ سر الله الكلمة ظهر لنا من العذراء.
+ الواحد من الثالوث المقدس تجسد اليوم من القديسة.

Our mouths are filled with joy, for the Lord has come to us, and our bitter slavery, has been abolished from us.
Listen and have mercy, upon us O Good One, be with us, for You are our help.

Rwn afmoh `[email protected] P=o=c af`i [email protected] tenmetbwk [email protected] acbwl `ebolharon.
Cwtem ouoh nai [email protected] `w piaga;[email protected] ek`eswpi [email protected] `n;ok pe penbo`y;oc.

فمنا امتلأ فرحاً الرب جاء إلينا وعبوديتنا المرة انحلت عنا.
اسمعنا وارحمنا أيها الصالح كن معنا أنت معيننا.

O Merciful One of the sweet Name, we worship You, with a humble heart, and bowed knees.
O Son of God have mercy, upon me the sinner, so I may be saved, for I committed many sins.

Tenouwst `mmok `w [email protected] va piran [email protected] qen ou;ebio `[email protected] nem oukeli etkolj.
U=c :=c nai [email protected] anok qa [email protected] `[email protected] je aijwk `nninobi.

+ نسجد لك أيها الرحوم ذو الاسم الحلو بتواضع قلب وركب منحنية.
+ يا ابن الله ارحمني أنا الخاطئ اعطني الخلاص لأني أكملت الخطايا.

God the Lover of man, the long-suffering, who became man, according to His compassion.
Forgive me my iniquities, through the intercessions, of Your mother Mary, the great Saint.

V] [email protected] pirefwou`[email protected] vyetafswpi `[email protected] e;be nefmetsenhyt.
<w nan `nnen`[email protected] hiten ni`precbi`[email protected] `nte tekmau Mari`[email protected] ]nis] `mpan`agia.

الله محب البشر طويل الروح الذي صار إنساناً من أجل رأفاته.
اغفر آثامنا بشفاعة أمك الكلية القداسة العظيمة مريم.

Every soul praises, God the Creator, and ascribes the hymns, to Him who is with honor.
Be patient with us, hear our prayers, O Lord guard us, from the snares.

"u,y niben [email protected] `eV] piref;[email protected] ouoh euouwrp `[email protected] `mva pitaio.
Wou`nhyt `[email protected] cwtem `nneneu,[email protected] P=o=c areh `[email protected] `ebolha et,y.

+ كل الأنفس تسبح الله الخالق وترسل التسبيح لصاحب الكرامة.
+ تأنَّى علينا وإسمع صلواتنا يا رب إحفظنا من الفخ المنصوب.


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