The Commentary :: Masenak hijen outwou :: الطرح

Palm Sunday Hymns

Ibrahim Ayad


Ascend to the high mountains O annunciator of Zion. Raise your voice with strength and preach to Jerusalem.

Masenak hijen nitwou et[[email protected] vyethisennoufi `[email protected] [ici `ntek`cmy qen [email protected] hisennoufi `nte Ieroucalym.

أصعد إلى الجبال العالية يا مُبَشِّر صهيون. إرفع صَوْتك بقوة وبشِّر أورُشَليم.

Tell the cities of Judah “Behold, your King comes with His wage, and His deeds are before Him.

`Ajoc `nnibaki `nte [email protected] je ic Petenouro [email protected] `ere pefbe,e [email protected] ouoh pihwb `mpef`m;o `ebol.

وقُلْ لمُدن يهوذا "هوذا ملككم آت وأجرته معه وعمله قدامه.

Like a shepherd who shepherds his flock and with his high hands gathers the lambs.

`M`vry] `nouman`[email protected] ef`amoni `mpef`ohi `n`[email protected] `n`hryi qen pef`jvoi et[[email protected] `fna;wou] `nhanhiyb.

مثل الراعي الذي يرعى قطيع غنمه وبذراعه العالية يجمع الحملان.

Arise and adorn your gates for the Son of the God is coming and to save you with purity and peace.”

Twouni colcel `[email protected] je `fnyou `nje `Psyri `m`Vnou]@ `n;of e;nacw] `[email protected] qen outoubo nem ouhiryny.

قومي زيِّني أبوابك لأنه سيأتي إبن الله، وهو الذي بالطهارة والسلامة ينجيك.

Behold, all your children will come to Him rejoicing, while proclaiming and saying, “Hosanna to the Son of David.” When He drew near to Bethphage at Mount Olives, Jesus sent two of His disciples, saying, “Go to the village ahead, and you will find a donkey and a colt of a donkey. Untie them and bring them to Me. If anyone says anything to you, tell him that the Lord needs them.

Hyppe ic nesyri [email protected] cenyou harof qen [email protected] euws `ebol eujw `[email protected] je `wcanna `Psyri `nDauid. `Etauqwnt `eBy;[email protected] qaten pitwou `nte [email protected] `a Iycouc ouwrp `nrwmi `cnau (=b)@ `ebol qen nefma;ytyc. Je masenwten `epai][email protected] et,y `mpeten`m;o `[email protected] `eretenjimi `nou`e`[email protected] nem oucyj `psyri `nou`e`w. Bolou `ebol `a nitou [email protected] `aresan ouai caji [email protected] `n;eten `eretenjoc [email protected] je `P[oic peter`,ria `mmwou.

هوذا كل بنيك يقبلون إليه بفرح ويصرخون قائلين: "أوصنا لإبن داود." ولما قرب من بيت فاجي عند جبل الزيتون، أرسل يسوع إثنين من تلاميذه، وقال: "أمضيا إلى هذه القرية التي أمامكُما، فتجدان آتاناً وجحشاً إبن آتان. فحلاهما وآتياني بهما. فإن قال لكما أحد شيئاً فقولا له: أن الرب يحتاج إليهما."

The disciples went and did as He had instructed them. They found the donkey and the colt tied. So they untied them and brought them to Him to fulfill what was spoken through the prophet: “Say to the Daughter of Zion, ‘See, your King comes to you, riding on a donkey and a colt of a donkey.’”

`Etau`i `nje nima;[email protected] kata `vry] `etafhonhen [email protected] aujimi `n]`e`[email protected] nem picyj eucwnh `ebol. Aubolou `ebol au`enou [email protected] je hina `ntefjwk `[email protected] `nje vy`eta `P[oic [email protected] `ebol hitotf `mpi`provytyc. Je `ajoc `n`tseri `[email protected] je ic Peouro efnyou [email protected] eftalyout `eou`e`[email protected] nem oucyj `psyri `nou`e`w.

فلما جاء التلميذان كما أمرهما، وجدا الآتان والجحش مربوطين. فحلاهما وأتيا بهما إليه كي يكمل ما قاله الرب من قِبَل النبي: "قولوا لإبنة صهيون: هوذا ملكك يأتيك راكباً على آتان وجحش إبن آتان."

Oh how great is this wonder: He who sits upon the Cherubim rode on a colt of a donkey according to the Economy. He is on the earth and has never left the heavens. He sits in the bosom of His Father and is present in Jerusalem. The children of the Hebrews spread their garments before Him.

`W tainis] `n`[email protected] vyethemci hijen Ni,[email protected] af`alyi `eoucyj `n`e`[email protected] kata ouoikonomia. `N;of pethemci hijen [email protected] `mpef,w `ncwf `nnivyou`[email protected] efhemci qen kenf `[email protected] ef,y qen Ieroucalym. Nisyri `nte [email protected] auvwrs `nnou`hbwc [email protected]

فيا لِعِظَم هذه الأعجوبة: الجالس فوق الشاروبيم ركب على جحش آتان كالتدبير. هو جالس على الأرض، لم يترك عنه السموات. جالس في حضن أبيه، وحاضر في أورُشَليم. وأولاد العبرانيين فرشوا ثيابهم قُدَّامُه.

The Cherubim were covering their faces with their wings. They were worthily glorifying with unceasing lips, saying, “Blessed is the glory of Lord in Salmon, His holy mountain.” They were praising and saying: “Hosanna to the Son of David.” Blessed is the Lord Jesus Christ who came to save us.

ouoh Ni,eroubim [email protected] euhwbc `nnouho qen noutenh. Ny`enau]`wou `[email protected] qen han`cvotou `nat,[email protected] je `f`cmarwout `nje `p`wou `m`P[[email protected] qen Celmwn peftwou e;ouab. Nai de nauhwc eujw `[email protected] je `wcanna `Psyri `[email protected] `f`cmarwout `nje `P[oic Iycouc Pi`,[email protected] vy`etaf`i `ecw] `mmon.

والشاروبيم معاً يسترون وجوههم بأجنحتهم. وكانوا يمجدون بإستحقاق بشفاه غير ساكتة ويقولون "تبارك مجد الرب في صلمون جبل قدسه." وكان هؤلاء يسبحون ويقولون "أوصنا لإبن داود." مبارك الرب يسوع المسيح الذي أتى ليخلصنا.

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وأيضاً مع التوسيع في الشرح:

When Jesus Christ drew near the descent of Mount Olives, ascending to Jerusalem,

`Etafqwnt `nje [email protected] `epiman`i`[email protected] `nte pitwou `nte [email protected] `fna`i `e`pswi `eIeroucalem.

لما قرب يسوع المسيح من منحدر جبل الزيتون، صاعداً إلى أورُشَليم،

all the Disciples began to rejoice and praise God with a loud voice for all the mighty works they had seen,

Aferhytc `nje pimys [email protected] `nte nima;ytyc [email protected] eu`cmou `e`Vnou] qen ounis] `n`[email protected] e;be nijom `etaunau `erwou.

إبتدأ كل جمع التلاميذ يفرحون ويسبحون الله بصوت عظيم من أجل القوات التي رأوها.

proclaiming and saying: “Hosanna to the Son of David. Hosanna in the highest. This is the King of Israel.”

Euws `ebol eujw `[email protected] je `wcanna `Psyri `[email protected] `wcanna qen nyet[[email protected] vai pe `Pouro `mPicrayl.

صارخين قائلين "أوصنا لإبن داود. أوصنا في الأعالي. هذا هو ملك إسرائيل."

The next day, when the great multitude that had come to the feast heard that Jesus was coming to Jerusalem,

Pefrac] de pimys [email protected] `etau`i`e`[email protected] `etaucwtem je [email protected] na`i `e`hryi `eIeroucalym.

وللغد الجمع الكثير الذي جاء إلى العيد، لما سمعوا أن يسوع سيأتي إلى أورُشَليم،

they took branches of palm trees and came out to meet Him and proclaimed, saying, “Hosanna to the Son of David.” A great multitude of the Hebrews came also before Him, spreading their garments on the road which the Savior took. Others cut down branches from the trees and joyfully spread them on the road. Those who went before Him and those who followed were proclaiming and saying, “Hosanna to the Son of David.”

Au[i `nhanbai qen [email protected] au`i `ebol qa [email protected] euws `ebol eujw `[email protected] je `wcanna `Psyri `nDauid. Pimys etos `nte [email protected] naunyou `ebol qajwf [email protected] euvwrs `nnou`hbwc hi`[email protected] `ere `Pcwtyr namosi hiwtf. Hanke,wouni `ebol `[email protected] aukwrj `nhanjal `ebol qen ni`[email protected] au`enou qen [email protected] ouoh auvorsou hi pimwit. Ny`enaumosi [email protected] nem ny`enaumosi `[email protected] euws `ebol eujw `[email protected] je `wcanna `Psyri `nDauid.

أخذوا سعفاً بأيديهم وخرجوا للقائه، يصرخون قائلين "إوصنا لإبن داود." والجمع الكثير الذي من العبرانيين خرجوا قدامه وفرشوا ثيابهم في الطريق التي يسلكها المخلص. وآخرون منهم قطعوا أغصاناً من الشجر، وجاءوا بها بفرح وفرشوها في الطريق. والذين كانوا يسيرون أمامه والذين خلفه، كانوا يصرخون قائلين "أوصنا لإبن داود."

Rejoice, O daughter of Zion. For behold, your King comes in glory, honor and great splendor, riding on a colt. The multitudes went before Him and proclaimed, saying: “Hosanna to the Son of David. Blessed is the King who comes in the name of the Lord. Hosanna in the highest. This is the King of Israel.”

Ounof `mmo `tseri `[email protected] je af`i `nje [email protected] qen ou`wou nem [email protected] nem ounis] `mmetcaie. Eftalyout `eou`e`[email protected] `ere pimys mosi [email protected] euws `ebol eujw `[email protected] je `wcanna `Psyri `nDauid. `F`cmarwout `nje [email protected] vye;nyou qen `vran `m`P[[email protected] `wcanna qen nyet[[email protected] vai pe `Pouro `mPicrayl.

إفرحي يا إبنة صهيون. فإنه قد جاء ملكك بمجد وكرامة وعِظَم بهاء، راكباً على جحش. والجمع يمشي أمامه صارخين قائلين: "أوصنا لإبن داود. مبارك الملك الآتي بإسم الرب. أوصنا في الأعالي. هذا هو ملك إسرائيل."

A rod shall come out of the root of Jesse and a flower shall rise and blossom and the Spirit of God shall be upon Him—the Spirit of wisdom, the Spirit of power, the Spirit of understanding and counsel, and the Spirit of worship—the Spirit that will fill Him with God’s fear.

Ef`eviri `nje ou`[email protected] `ebol qen `;nouni `[email protected] ou`hryri ec`e`i `e`[email protected] `ntec`i `ebol qen tefmy]. Ef`eemton `mmof `[email protected] `nje Ou`pneuma `nte `Vnou]@ Ou`pneuma `[email protected] nem Ou`pneuma `noujom. Ou`pneuma `nka] nem metco[[email protected] nem Ou`pneuma `[email protected] ef`emahf `nje Ou`[email protected] `n]ho] `nte `Vnou].

يزهر قضيب من أصل يسَّى وتصعد زهرة وتطلع من وسطه ويستريح عليه روح الله. روح الحكمة وروح القوة، روح الفهم والمشورة وروح العبادة، ويملأه الروح من مخافة الله.

Oh what a great wonder: He who sits upon the Cherubim, and who is praised by the Seraphim—those who cover their faces from His divinity—chose to ride a colt of a donkey for our salvation, according to the Economy.

`W ]nis] `n`[email protected] vyethemci hijen Ni,[email protected] `ere Niceravim hwc `[email protected] euhwbc `nnouho e;be tefme;nou]. Aferkataxoin `[email protected] af`alyi `eoucyj `n`e`[email protected] kata [email protected] e;be vy`etevwn `noujai.

يا لهذه الأعجوبة العظيمة: الجالس فوق الشاروبيم والسِّرافيم تسبحه ويغطون وجوههم من أجل لاهوته، تفضل اليوم وركب على جحش آتان كالتدبير من أجل خلاصنا.

They bless You in the heavens, and they glorify you on the earth, and they proclaim, saying: “Hosanna to the Son of David. Hosanna in the highest. This is the King of Israel. Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord of hosts”

Ce `cmou `erok qen nivyou`[email protected] ce ]`wou nak hijen [email protected] euws `ebol eujw `[email protected] je `wcanna `Psyri `nDauid. `Wcanna qen nyet[[email protected] vai pe `Pouro `[email protected] `f`cmarwout `nje vye;[email protected] qen `vran `m`P[oic `nte nijom.

يباركونك في السموات ويمجدونك على الأرض ويصرخون قائلين: "أوصنا لإبن داود. أوصنا في الأعالي. هذا هو ملك اسرائيل. مبارك الآتي بإسم رب القوات."

To Him be the glory forever. Amen.

Je pi`wou vatefmetnis] sa `eneh `amyn.

ولعظمته المجد دائماً. آمين.