Adam Psali :: `Ari'alin kalwc :: إبصالية أدام

The Feast of the Ascension

Ibrahim Ayad


Sing justly, with doxologies, to Jesus Christ, who is of authority.

`Ari'alin [email protected] qen [email protected] `nIycouc Pi`,[email protected] va ]exoucia.

رتلوا حسناً، بتماجيد، ليسوع المسيح، ذي السلطان.

Everyone praises, the Incomprehensible, and the Invisible, our Savior Jesus.

Bon niben ce [email protected] `ePiat`[email protected] Pencwtyr [email protected] Pia;nau `erof.

الجميع يسبحون، الغير المُدرَك، مخلِّصنا يسوع، الغير المرئي.

+ For truly indeed, on this day, the King of glory, ascended into the heavens.

+ Ge gar [email protected] `m`vry] `mpai`[email protected] afsenaf `[email protected] `nje `Pouro `nte `p`wou.

+ لأنه حقاً، في مِثل هذا اليوم، صعد إلى السماء، ملك المجد.

+ For David has said, with the voice of the trumpet, “Sing to Christ, with hymns.”

+ Dauid gar [email protected] qen ou`cmy `[email protected] `ari'alin `ePi`,[email protected] qen hanhumnoc.

+ قال داود، بصوت البوق، "رتلوا للمسيح، بتسابيح."

Because of the mysteries, the King of the ages, has performed, He also spoke to them.

E;be [email protected] `etaf`iri `[email protected] `nje `Pouro `nni`[email protected] afcaji nemwou.

من أجل الأسرار، التي صنعها، ملك الدهور، تكلم أيضاً معهم.

The Only-Begotten, said many things, to His Apostles, after the Resurrection.

Zews [email protected] afcaji nem nef`[email protected] menenca }`[email protected] efjw `mmoc.

كثيراً ما تكلم، الإبن الوحيد الجنس، مع رسله، بعد القيامة قائلاً.

+ Behold “Do you have, anything to eat,” they gave to Him, and He took and ate.

+ Yppe je [email protected] teten en,ai `[email protected] au] naf de [email protected] ouoh af[i afouwm.

+ "هل يوجد عندكم، شئ يؤكل،" فأعطوه أيضاً، وأخذ وأكل.

+ They gathered and gave Him, broiled fish, and honeycomb, and He took and ate.

+ :wou] au] [email protected] `noutebt [email protected] nem [email protected] `etaf[i afouwm.

+ إجتمعوا وأعطوه، سمكاً مشوياً، وشهداً، فأخذ وأكل.

Jesus with His authority, blessed His Apostles, and was taken by a cloud, and ascended into the heavens.

Iycouc qen [email protected] af`cmou `enef`[email protected] acsopf `nje ou[[email protected] afsenaf `eouranoc.

يسوع بسلطانه، بارك رسله، وأخذته سحابة، وصعد إلى السموات.

Jesus the true Lord, the King of heaven, the true Light, ascended to heaven.

Kurioc Iycouc `[email protected] `Pouro `nte `[email protected] Piouwini `nta`[email protected] afsenaf `e`tve.

الرب يسوع الحقيقي، ملك السماء، النور الحقيقي، صعد إلى السماء.

+ Luke has said, in the gospel, and Matthew has said, with Mark also.

+ Loukac [email protected] qen [email protected] nem Mat;eoc [email protected] nem Markoc de on.

+ قال لوقا، في الإنجيل، مع متَّى، ومرقس أيضاً.

+ “No one has ascended, up into heaven, except the One who came, down from heaven.”

+ `Mpe `hli [email protected] `e`pswi `e`[email protected] `ebyl `evy`etaf`i `[email protected] `ebol qen `tve.

+ "ليس أحد، صعد إلى السماء، إلا الذي نزل، من السماء."

“That is the Son of Man, who dwells in heaven, Jesus the Governor,” John has witnessed.

`Nje `Psyri `m`[email protected] vyetsop qen `[email protected] Iycouc [email protected] Iwannyc aferme;re.

"إبن البشر، الساكن في السماء، يسوع المُدبر،" وشهد يوحنا.

Blessed are You indeed, O Christ our Master, upon the throne, of Your glory justly.

Xmarwout `aly;[email protected] `w Pennyb Pi`,[email protected] hijen pi`;[email protected] `nte pek`wou kalwc.

مبارك أنت بالحقيقة، أيها السيد المسيح، على كرسي، مجدك حسناً.

+ And He has taught, His Apostles, until the day, wherein He ordered them.

+ Ouoh af`[email protected] sa pi`[email protected] `etafhonhen `[email protected] `nnef`apoctoloc.

+ وعلَّم، رسله، إلى اليوم، الذي أمرهم فيه.

+ Christ our King, after His Resurrection, appeared to them, and He ate with them.

+ Pi`,rictoc [email protected] menenca Tef`[email protected] afouonhf `[email protected] ouoh afouwm nemwou.

+ المسيح ملكنا، بعد قيامته، ظهر لهم، وأكل معهم.

Rejoice O believers, in the feast of the Only-Begotten, who created the heavens, and all their hosts.

Rasi `w [email protected] qen `psai `[email protected] `etaf;amio `[email protected] nem noudunamic.

إفرحوا أيها المؤمنون، في عيد الوحيد الجنس، الذي خلق، السموات وجندها.

Praise the Lover of Man, the King of the ages, who created man, in His likeness.

`Cmou `[email protected] `Pouro `nni`[email protected] af;amio `[email protected] kata tefhukwn.

سبحوا محب البشر، ملك الدهور، الذي خلق، الإنسان كصورته.

+ We pray to You, with an upright heart, and ascribe unto You, spiritual praise.

+ Tentwbh `[email protected] qen ouhyt [email protected] tenouwrp [email protected] `nhwc `m`pneumatikon.

+ نطلب منك، بقلب مستقيم، ونرسل إليك، تسابيح روحية.

+ O Son of God, guard us from inflation, and death and earthquakes, and from persecutions.

+ `Uioc :eoc `areh `[email protected] `ebol ha ni`[email protected] nem oumou nem [email protected] nem nidiwgmoc.

+ يا إبن الله، أحفظنا من الغلاء، والموت والزلازل، والإضطهادات.

This is the day, the Lord has made, let us rejoice, and be glad therein.

Vai pe pi`[email protected] `eta `P[oic ;[email protected] maren;elyl `mmon `[email protected] ouoh `ntenounof.

هذا هو اليوم، الذي صنعه الرب، فلنتهلل، ونفرح فيه.

Hail to the Resurrection, O Jerusalem and Zion, and the mountain of the Ascension, and the mountain of Kranion.

<ere }`[email protected] `w Ieroucalym nem [email protected] nem pitwou `n`analu'[email protected] nem pitwou `n`Kranion.

السلام للقيامة، يا أورُشَليم وصهيون، وجبل الصعود، وجبل الإقرانيون.

+ O Savior of the world, at Your Coming, save Your people, and bless Your inheritance.

+ "wtyr `[email protected] qen [email protected] nohem `[email protected] `cmou `etek`klyronomia.

+ يا مخلِّص العالم، في ظهورك، خلِّص شعبك، وبارك ميراثك.

+ O our Lord Jesus Christ, have compassion upon Your people, guard them in truth, in the Paradise.

+ `W Pen[oic [email protected] senhyt qa [email protected] `areh `erwou `aly;[email protected] qen Piparadicoc.

+ يا ربنا يسوع ، تحنن على شعبك، وأحفظهم بالحقيقة، في الفردوس.