Vespers Psalm


(Psalm 4: 6-7, 8)
The light of Your countenance, O LORD, has been manifested towards us. You have put gladness into my heart. For You, O Lord, only has caused me to dwell securely. Alleluia.

Aferoumyini ehryi ejwn nje vouwini nte pekho [email protected] ak] nouounof eqryi [email protected] je nyok mmauatk P=o=c [email protected] qen ouhelpic.

المزمور 4:7-9
قد ارتسَم علينا نور وجهك يا رب. أعطيت سروراً لقلبي. لأنك أنت وحدك يا رب. أسكنتني علي الرجاء. هلليلويا.