For the 6th Week - En


The Sixth Sunday of the Great Lent

Blessed are those who have mercy,
Who give to the poor and fast and pray,
The Holy Spirit will fill their hearts,
The Son will show them mercy on Judgment Day.


Blessed are those who have mercy,
From God they shall obtain mercy,
On Judgment Day Christ will set them apart,
May His Holy Spirit fill all their heart.

Fasting, O faithful people of God,
Helps us overcome Satan´s evil,
Our holy God made fasting for us all,
Life and salvation for every soul.

God made man from the dust of the ground,
Only in man can reason be found,
Jesus one day went to a place,
To teach the multitudes about the faith.

As Jesus passed by, He saw a man,
Who had been blind since his life began,
Jesus, moved with compassion and pity,
Upon the man showed great mercy.

Blessed are those ...

He spat on the ground and He made clay,
And anointed the man who then washed it away,
The man, born blind, received his sight,
Through our God´s power and might.

As he went back, the people said,
"Is this not the blind man who sat and begged,
How then is this man able to see,
Since he was born blind certainly."

People disagreed on the man´s identity,
Some said he resembles the blind man closely,
This is the blind man himself others said,
"And we can see it very clearly they pled."

Blessed are those ...

They went out, for the truth seeking,
And asked what had been done by Christ the King,
Great were the answers the blind man did say,
With humility on that Sabbath day.

This was a sign that God is mighty,
It showed His will and great glory,
Our God is the only One who is eternal,
Worshiped and glorified by all people.

The people went to the pharisees to ask,
How can a man accomplish such a task,
They marveled as they were saying,
This is not the act of a human being.

Blessed are those ...

This man is a sinner, they did say,
How can He heal the blind man on the Sabbath day,
They ran to the blind man and asked him again,
How did this miracle happen,

Since they could not reach an agreement,
They went and questioned his parents,
Is this your son born with no eyes,
And now on his own eyesight he relies.

His parents said without hesitation,
"This is our son born without vision,
We know this much, but we do not know,
To whom or what this great deed we owe."

Blessed are those ...

The parents of the blind man spoke truly,
But could not speak of Jesus openly,
For the Jews had agreed before asking,
To punish anyone who believes in Christ the King.

The people called the blind man again,
And said of one fact they are certain,
"That Jesus Christ is a sinner,
And cannot be a miracle-worker."

One thing I know, I can certainly say,
I was blind, now I see the light of day,
Whether this man is a sinner I do not know,
I gave you the truth, the blind man told them so.

Blessed are those ...

Then they proceeded with their questioning,
How could you have been blind and now seeing,
He told them, You did not listen to me,
What happened, I have told you already.

Time after time you inquired,
Is becoming His disciples your desire,
They then reviled him, and their answer was,
We are Moses´ disciples and respect his laws.

They again said with persistence,
"We know that God gave Moses the commandments,
So we always keep the Sabbath day,
But you followed that man and did not obey."

Blessed are those ...

I am amazed, the blind man did proclaim,
How could you make such an unjust claim,
We know that God does not hear a sinner,
But He hears anyone who is a worshiper.

They told him, "You were born in sin,
The same way your ancestors have been,
How dare you teach us to be devout,"
Then the Pharisees cast the blind man out.

Jesus found the man when He heard,
Do you believe in the Son of God, He inquired,
The man said, "Who is He, that I may believe,"
Jesus said, "He is the One by whom these words you receive."

Blessed are those ...

We believe that God´s divinity,
Parted not from His humanity,
So Jesus told the blind His plan,
That He came to the world to judge every man.

We do not worship two different gods,
Neither do we worship a two-natured god,
We worship the One true God only,
In this faith, steady and strong are we.

From the devil let us speedily flee,
Now that God´s great power we can see,
Let us not be like those who did not trust,
And clung to accusations false and unjust.

Blessed are those ...

Let us fast honestly and faithfully,
Not like those who fast insincerely,
The Lord talked to His people with regret,
Through the son of Amos, Isaiah the prophet.

Forty years have gone and passed,
And you have not to Me offered a fast,
You eat your fattened cows every day,
And claim that you are fasting for Me this way.

The fast that I have chosen for you,
Is when your neighbor´s heavy burden you undo,
When you bring to your house the sick and needy,
And when you share your bread with the hungry.

Blessed are those ...

Fasting and prayer will make us win,
The grace of God without falling into sin,
Let us listen to His word and commandment,
And obey our Lord each and every moment.

Our Lord, the Lover of mankind,
Who fasted to erase the sin from our mind,
Chase away from us the evil entailing death,
And make us steady in the love of our faith.

Protect our churches from the devil´s ways,
Protect our patriarch and keep him safe always,
Our bishops give them power and their lives bless,
Our priests and deacons grant them forgiveness.

Blessed are those who have mercy,
Who give to the poor and fast and pray,
The Holy Spirit will fill their hearts,
The Son will show them mercy on Judgment Day.