For the 1st Week - En


The First Sunday of the Great Lent

Blessed are those who have mercy,
Who give to the poor and fast and pray,
The Holy Spirit will fill their hearts,
The Son will show them mercy on Judgment Day.


Blessed are those who have mercy,
From God they shall obtain mercy,
On Judgment Day Christ will set them apart,
May His Holy Spirit fill all their heart.

Fasting is steadfastness to the soul,
He who fasts shall not fall,
He will be saved from all attacks,
The heavenly kingdom he will not lack.

Seek the kingdom with righteousness,
Think not of your garments and fullness,
All these will be to you granted,
From God many gifts are handed.

Accord mercy unto all,
Do not expect an earthly reward,
It is said "Do not worry about tomorrow,
Your gains are secure and shall grow."

Blessed are those ...

Meditate on the nursing ravens,
Creatures without power or opinions,
The Father cares for them like all animals,
You exceed all creation O prized humans,

Firmly stand in pleading,
For mercy in simplicity asking,
As one asking his neighbor in time of need,
To lend him three loaves indeed.

Love your enemies with affection,
Care for those who cause you affliction,
Pray for those who abandon you,
Forgive your brother seven times his due.

Blessed are those ...

Mind the trial on Judgment Day,
Give alms and grace will come your way,
For on the merciful descends mercy,
Blessed is he who gives abundantly.

Continue for in the final hour,
Will rejoice the obedient with power,
But the negligent and lazy,
Will fear for his hour will not be easy.

In that day there is great aid,
For mercy lessens judgment´s fate,
It helps the people of the earth,
To the highest it raises them forth.

Blessed are those ...

My Lord said "Seek you shall find,
Ask and you shall be given of all kind,
Knock, it shall be opened unto you,
Struggle with mercy those who oppose you.

Deepen your mercy with forgiveness,
Pray night and day with humbleness,
Like the tax collector beat your chest,
In the liturgies stand meekly to be blessed.

Praise the Lord and exalt Him,
Above all and glorify Him,
Raise your hands towards heavens,
Our Father who art in heaven.

Blessed are those ...

Be a help to those in time of need,
The true currency of the heavenly,
So that we may rejoice with the meek,
Along with the heavenly sing and speak.

Fast a spiritual fast,
From all iniquity in purity surpassed,
Do not approach any uncleanness,
Nor care for the earthy things.

Man's humility brings forth strength,
He who loses his life, it he gains,
A seed must die and be buried,
So that much fruit will be its yield.

Blessed are those ...

Ask Him that He may hear you,
"Blessed is My Father, come all of you,
Come to see the awaited kingdom,
From the institution of all creation."

Your earthly treasures are easily destroyed,
by moth and rust they are made void,
Gather for yourself the heavenly treasures,
And make haste for the true riches.

Pray and plead to your Father in secret,
He will grant you great wages without regret,
He will count this for your righteousness,
With which you will enter into His riches.

Blessed are those ...

Abound in tears, your heart soft as flesh,
Your covenant with God refresh,
Beware of vainglory´s evils,
And submitting to the passions.

The world´s glory is like a flower,
Which withers and fades like thunder,
Your charity offerings remain eternal,
Remembered by Him in heaven.

It is said, that secret alms,
Is the greatest of all things,
So do not offer with worldly love,
Offer prayers to God above.

Blessed are those ...

Fasting to the soul is precious,
The Lord´s way full of holiness,
He who disobeys is Satan's slave,
His attacks he shall not waive.

Partake of the Lord's righteousness,
Do not neglect His greatness,
As the fathers fasted to be protected,
To the highest degrees they were elevated.

Moses through fasting saw the light,
On the mount he saw the God of might,
God gave him the two tablets written,
The ten commandments he was given.

Blessed are those ...

Nineveh, when it went astray,
By the word of Jonah, it awoke to pray,
And in three days´ fasting it stayed,
The repentance accepted after dismay.

Elijah was a prophet far away,
On the mountain, he did fast and pray,
The Lord took him alive without delay,
Into heaven in a fiery sleigh.

To show us the power of fasting always,
Our Lord fasted for forty days,
We become to Him a nation everlasting,
Acquiring all our needs through fasting.

Blessed are those ...

Fasting cannot be without prayer,
In humility, in worship, they are a pair,
That our request before Him endure,
By alms our fasting is pure.

My heart is grieved, I the sinner,
My sins and trespasses I remember,
Pray for me my fathers, "I am wicked,
I am drowning in my ailment."

My peace from me to you,
I the sinner calling to you,
Setting myself before your eyes,
Do not forget me in your prayers.

Blessed are those ...