Doxology 3 :: `Amwini `anau `epenCwtyr :: الذكصولوجية الثالثة


Come see our Savior, the good Lover of mankind, He performed the work of fasting, with His great humility.

`Amwini `anau `[email protected] piMairwmi `n`aga;[email protected] af`iri `m`phwb `n][email protected] nem pefnis] `n;ebio.

تعالوا أنظروا مخلصنا، محب البشر الصالح، صنع فعل الصوم، بتواضعه العظيم.

+ He was above the high mountains, with bodily discipline, He taught us the way in order, that we may walk like Him.

+ Ca`pswi `nnitw`ou et[[email protected] qen `ou`wrf `[email protected] aftamon `epima `[email protected] hina `ntenmosi `mpefry].

فوق الجبال العالية، بإنفراد جسدي، وعلمنا المسلك، لكي نسلك مثله.

He conquered the enemy's strength, his snares and his deceptions, He humiliated the tempter, before Him.

Afkwrf `n`tjom `nte [email protected] nem nefkotc nem [email protected] ouoh [email protected] af[isipi `mpef`m;o.

أبطل قوه العدو، وحيله وحججه، وأفتضح المجرب، أمامه.

+ His own disciples, and holy apostles, witnessed His victory, over the enemy's snares.

+ Ny`ete nouf `mma;[email protected] ouoh `n`apoctoloc =e=;[email protected] eu`erme;re `epef[[email protected] `ejen nilwiji `nte pijaji.

والتلاميذ خواصه، والرسل الآطهار، شهدوا بغلبته، علي حجج العدو.

A great and plenteous profit, is found in fasting, it purges sins and covers those, who are defiled.

`Ounis] `nhyou `[email protected] `fsop `ebolqen ][email protected] `fnafw] `[email protected] `f`er`ckepazin `nny`et[aqem.

ربح عظيم كثير، كائن في الصوم، يمحو الخطايا، ويستر للذين تدنسوا.

+ Remove laziness, and take watch, seek after the love of brothers, and seek fellowship.

+ <w `m][email protected] ouoh [i `n][email protected] kw] `nca ][email protected] ouoh [oji `nca ]`agapy.

اتركوا الكسل، وتنشطوا، اطلبوا المحبة الأخوية، وإسعوا نحو المودة.

The perfection of humility, the truth of piety, and the forgiveness of iniquities, come from fasting.

`Pjwk `mpi;ebio `[email protected] ouoh ]me;myi `n][email protected] `p,w `ebol `nni`[email protected] `ebol hitotc `n]nyctia.

كمال التواضع، وبر التقوي، وغفران الآثام، من قِبَل الصوم.

+ To those who follow, fasting and prayer, swords and weapons, endure in their hands.

+ Ny`e;na`amoni `[email protected] `n]nyctia nem pi`[email protected] `ere hancyfi nem [email protected] eumyn `ebol qen noujij.

المتمسكون، بالصوم والصلاة دائماً، بأيديهم سيوف، وأسلحة.

O King of peace, our Lord Jesus Christ, bless fasting and all those, who perform it.

`POuro `nte ][email protected] pen=o=c I=y=c P=,[email protected] ermakarizin `n][email protected] nem `ou`on niben `etau`iri `mmoc.

ربنا يسوع المسيح، ملك السلام، يغبط الصوم، وكل من مارسه.

+ All kinds of evil, flee and are destroyed, through prayer and fasting, and supplications.

+ `Pgenoc `[email protected] sauvwt [email protected] `ebolhiten ]`proc`eu,[email protected] nem ]nyctia nem nitwbh.

جنس الأشرار، يهربون ويهلكون، بواسطة الصلاة، والطلبات مع الصوم.

Christ's martyrs, defeated the sufferings, through fasting and the patience, that comes with it.

Nimarturoc `nte P=,[email protected] au[ro `[email protected] `ebol hitotc `n]nyctia nem `pfai `ntechupomony.

شهداء المسيح، تغلبوا علي العذاب، بواسطة الصوم، وإحتمال صبره.

+ The wise virgins, who are clothed with purity, carry their lamps full of oil, through prayer and fasting.

+ Nicabeu `mpar;[email protected] ny`etjolh `[email protected] noulampac naumeh `[email protected] e;be pi`slyl nem ]nyctia.

العذاري الحكيمات، المتسربلات بالطهارة، كانت مصابيحهن مملوءة زيتاً، بالصلاة والصوم.

Those who please the Lord God, with their good works, love the beauty of fasting, and the patience that comes with it.

Ny`etauranaf `m`P=o=c `V]@ qen nou`hby`ou`i e;[email protected] aumenre `pcai `n][email protected] nem `pcai `ntechupomony.

الذين أرضوا الرب الإله، بأعمالهم الصالحة، أحبوا بهاء الصوم، وإحتمال صبره.

+ David proclaimed, in the holy psaltery saying, "I will decorate my soul, before You with fasting."

+ Af`ws `ebol `nje [email protected] qen pi`'altyrion =e=;[email protected] je ]nakolj `nta`'u,[email protected] `mpek`m;o qen `ounyctia.

صرخ داود في سفر، المزامير المقدس قائلاً، "إني أحنيت نفسي، أمامك بالصوم."

Paul the Apostle, the perfume-tongue says, "In fasting and watchfulness, through the days and nights."

Pauloc pi`[email protected] ouoh `vlac `mpi`c;[email protected] je qen `ounyctia nem `ou`[email protected] qen han`eho`ou nem han`ejwrh.

وبولس الرسول، لسان العطر يقول، "إني بصوم وسهر، في الأيام والليالي."

+ "Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be Your name, may Your kingdom come, for Yours is the glory forever Amen."

+ Je penIwt etqen nivy`ou`[email protected] mareftoubo `nje [email protected] marec`i `nje tekmet`[email protected] je vwk pe pi`w`ou sa ni`eneh `amyn.

"أبانا الذى فى السموات، ليتقدس إسمك، ليأت ملكوتك، لأن لك المجد إلى الأبد آمين."