7th of the Egyptian :: Aumou] `ero je `;mau `mV] :: السابع من المصري


You are called the Mother of God, O Virgin Mary, and after you gave birth to God for us, you remained a virgin.

Aumou] `ero je `;mau `mV]@ `w Maria ]Par;[email protected] menenca `;remici nan `mV]@ ectob `nje tepar;enia.

دعيت أم الله، يا مريم العذراء، ومن بعدما ولدت لنا الله، بتوليتك مختومة.

You are called the Mother of God, O hope of our salvation, you accepted unto yourself the divinity, what a miraculous matter.

Aumou] `ero je `;mau `mV]@ ]helpic `nte [email protected] afsop `ero `n]me;nou]@ paihwb `n`svyri ou pe vai.

دعيت أم الله، يا رجاء خلاصنا، قبلت اليك اللاهوت، ما هو هذا الامر العجيب.

You are called the Mother of God, O pride of our race, O hope of our fathers, the wise Virgin Mary.

Aumou] `ero je `;mau `mV]@ `psousou `[email protected] ]helpic `nte nenio]@ Mari`a ]caby `mPar;enoc.

دعيت أم الله، يا فخر جنسنا، يا رجاء ابائنا، مريم العذراء الحكيمة.

You are called the Mother of God, we glorify YOU O precious stone, proclaiming without fear, "Hail to you O full of grace."

Aumou] `ero je `;mau `mV]@ ten]`wou ne `w pi`wni `[email protected] enjw `mmoc qen oumetatho]@ je ,ere ke ,aritoumeny.

دعيت أم الله، نمجدك ايتها الحجر الكريم، قائلين بغير خوف، افرحي يا ممتلئة نعمة.

You are called the Mother of God, all the hearts rejoiced and were comforted, through the incarnation, of the name of Emmanuel our Lord.

Aumou] `ero je `;mau `mV]@ hyt niben aurasi au]nom]@ qen `[email protected] `m`vran `nEmmanouyl penNou].

دعيت أم الله، كل القلوب تفرح، وتتعزي بتأنس، اسم عمانوئيل الهنا.

You are called the Mother of God, O bride and queen, for He delivered us through you, by the coming of His victorious birth.

Aumou] `ero je `;mau `mV]@ `w ]selet `w ][email protected] je afnahmen `ebolhito]@ qen pjin`i `mpefjinmici `nref`[ro.

دعيت أم الله، ايتها العروسة والملكة، لأنه نجانا من قبلك، بأتيان ميلاده الغالب.

You are called the Mother of God, the dwelling of the Pride of the whole world, for He is the God of our fathers, we follow Him with our hearts.

Aumou] `ero je `;mau `mV]@ ouma`nswpi `nsousou `mpikocmoc [email protected] je `n;of pe V] `nte nenio]@ tenouah `ncwf qen penhyt tyrf.

دعيت أم الله، مسكن فخر كل العالم، لأنه هو آله أبائنا، نتبعه بكل قلبنا.

For that we praise God, who was incarnate of you, and became a man like us, except for sin.

E;be vai tenhwc `eV]@ vy`etaf[icarx `ebol `nqy]@ aferrwmi `mpenry]@ saten `vnobi `mmauatf.

فلهذا نسبح الله، الذي تجسد منك، وصار إنساناً مثلنا، ما خلا الخطية.