9th Part of the Saturday Theotokia :: Hyppe ic P=o=c af`i `ebol`nqy]


The Ninth Part:


القطعة التاسعة:

Behold the Lord came out of you, O blessed and perfect one, to save the world which He has created, according to His many tender mercies.

Hyppe ic P=o=c af`i `ebol`nqy]@ `w ;yet`cmamat etjyk `ebol@ `enohem `mpikocmoc `etaf;amiof@ e;be nefmetsenhyt etos.

هوذا الرب خرج منك. ايتها المباركه الكاملة. ليخلص العالم الذى خلقه. حسب كثره رأفاته.

+ We praise and glorify Him, and exalt Him above all, as a good One and Lover of man, have mercy on us according to Your great mercy.

+ Tenhwc `erof ten]`wou naf@ tenerhou`o [ici `mmof@ hwc aga;oc ouoh `mmairwmi@ nai nan kata peknis] `nnai.

نسبحه ونمجده. ونزيده علوا. كصالح ومحب البشر. ارحمنا كعظيم رحمتك.

Hail to you O full of grace, hail to you who has found grace, hail to you who has given birth to Christ, the Lord is with you.

<ere ;ye;meh `n`hmot@ ,ere ;y`etacjem `hmot@ ,ere ;y`etacmec P=,=c@ ouoh P=o=c sop neme.

السلام لك يا ممتلئة نعمة. السلام لك يا من وجدت نعمة. السلام لك يا من ولدت المسيح. الرب معك.