5th Part of the Saturday Theotokia :: Areswpi `noumah `cnou] `mve


The Fifth Part:

القطعة الخامسة:

You became a second heaven, on earth O Mother of God, for out of you the Sun of righteousness, shone upon us.

Areswpi `noumah `cnou] `[email protected] hijen pikahi `w ]macnou]@ je afsai nan `ebol `nqy]@ `nje piry `nte ]dike`ocuny.

صرت سماء ثانيه. على الارض يا والده الاله. لأنه أشرق لنا منك. شمس البر.

+ You gave birth to Him according to the prophecies, without seed or corruption, for He is the Creator, and the Word of the Father.

+ Are`jvof hiten ou`provyti`[email protected] a[ne `jroj `n`[email protected] hwc [email protected] ouoh `nLogoc `nte `Viwt.

ولدته كالنبوه. بغير زرع ولا فساد. وهو الخالق. وكلمه الاب.

Hail to you O full of grace, hail to you who has found grace, hail to you who has given birth to Christ, the Lord is with you.

<ere ;ye;meh `n`[email protected] ,ere ;y`etacjem `[email protected] ,ere ;y`etacmec P=,[email protected] ouoh P=o=c sop neme.

السلام لك يا ممتلئة نعمة. السلام لك يا من وجدت نعمة. السلام لك يا من ولدت المسيح. الرب معك.