Communion Hymn - Astir magis :: Actyr magic :: لحن للتوزيع - أستير ماجيس


Your star appeared to the magi;
the king existent before the ages.
O all you tribes of the earth
come together to worship Him;
He who was born upon the earth.

+ Actyr magic [email protected] bacileuc pro [email protected] ke ge pace [email protected] deute [email protected] tw te,;enti tw epi gyc.
+ Pekciou afouwnh [email protected] `pouro qa`thy `[email protected] w nivuly tyrou `m`[email protected] amwini tyren `[email protected] `mvyetaumacf hijen pikahi.

نجمُكَ ظھرَ للمجوسِ،
أیُّھا الملكُ الذى قبلَ الدھورِ،
یا كلَّ قبائلِ الأرضِ،
تعالوا نسجد
لمن وُلدَ على الأرضِ.

A visible marvel, the magi saw.
Life [himself] was revealed.
They offered their gifts to Him,
praising the incarnate God, saying,
“Glory be to you, O Holy one.”

+ Eblepon i magi to ;[email protected] zwyn [email protected] magi autw [email protected] ;eon unmountec [email protected] Doxa ci agie.
+ A nimagoc joust e][email protected] ouoh `pwnq af][email protected] nimagoc auen dwron [email protected] euhwc `e`Vnou] vyetau`[email protected] je `pwou nak pe;ouab.

المجوسُ رأوا لأعجوبةَ،
والحیاةُ أشرقتْآتْ،
المجوسُ قدمُوا له ھدایا
مُسبحینَ للهَ الذي وُلدَ (قائلینَ)
المجدُ لك أًّیھا القدوسُ.

Behold, the Virgin has given birth,
and God has become man.
God the Logos came to us.
Great is the mystery:
the birth of Emmanuel.

+ Idou par;enoc [email protected] ke ;eoc en an;[email protected] logoc ;eoc [email protected] mega to [email protected] tou tokou Emmanouyl.
+ Ic ]par;enoc ac`[email protected] ouoh `Vnou] [email protected] `Vnou] pilogoc afsai [email protected] ounis] `[email protected] pe pijvo `nEmmanouyl.

ھا العذراءُ ولدت،
واللهُ صارإنساناً (تأنسَ)،
اللهُ الكَلمةُ أشرق لَنا،
عظیمٌ ھو سرُ
میلادِ عمانوئیلَ.

She became a temple for God.
Wonderful is this miracle.
He chose to dwell within her.
O all you tribes of the earth,
let us bless this holy place.

+Naoc Kuriou [email protected] xenon to ;auma [email protected] o en bouly ex [email protected] pace e vule tyc [email protected] makaricwmen auton.
+Ouervei `m`Vnou] [email protected] ousvyri pe pi;[email protected] afouws eouwh `[email protected] w nivuly tyrou `m`[email protected] maren ermakarizin `mmof.

ھیكلاً لله صارَتْ،
عجیبةٌ ھى المعجزةُ ،
قا ارادَ أن یسكنَ فیھا،
یا كلَّ قبائلِ الأرضِ،

The rod in the hand of Aaron
befriended and dwelt with God.
Her branches sprouted and blossomed.
By the magi and the Hebrews,
draw near and bow to Him.

+ Rabdoc tou [email protected] cun ;ew [email protected] touc kladouc [email protected] upo twn magwn ke [email protected] deute prockunycwmen.
+ Pi`sbwt etqen `tjij `[email protected] afer`svyr efswpi nem `Vnou]@ a nefkladoc viri af][email protected] hiten nimagoc nem [email protected] amwini tyren `ntenouwst naf.

العصا التى فى ید ھارونَ
قدصارت مع للهِ،
وفروعھا أنیعت وازھرت،
من قبل المجوس و العبرانیین،
تعالوا لنس د له.

Light from light shone upon us,
and we were filled with joy.
We sing along with the magi,
You without faith, let us believe
in the coming of [the Lord] Christ.

+ Vwc ek vwtoc [email protected] ,aran peplyrome;[email protected] 'alate [email protected] o picti [email protected] tyn tou <rictou parroucia.
+ Piouwini ebol qen [email protected] afsai nan anmoh tyren `[email protected] ari'alin w [email protected] je w nia;nah] marennah]@ e;be `pjini `mPi`,rictoc.

النورُ من نورٍ قد أشرقَ،
فامتلأنا كلنا فرحاً،
نرتل مع املجوس، (قائلینَ)
یا غیرالمؤمنین فلنؤمن
بمجىء المسیح.

* English translation from the Coptic (the Greek has a slightly different meaning) by Daniel Girgis