Adam Doxology for St Anthony

O great Abba Anthony: your name was blessed: in all the: land of Egypt.

It shines from the heart: of the faithful: like the light rays: which are very bright.

O high tree: which is filled with fruits: out of the wilderness: according to the saying of the prophet.

Proclaiming to us: the eternal life: and the good thing: which an eye has not seen.

Let us ask in the name: of our Lord Jesus: according to the teachings of: the great Abba Anthony.

And plead the goodness: of the Father: that He may send us: the fire of the Holy Spirit.

Through which He may burn: the enmity of our souls: and purify us as a: temple of the Holy Spirit.

Through the prayers of: our holy father Abba Anthony: O Lord grant us: the forgiveness of our sins