Doxology for St.Rebecca and her children


The Faithful Martyrs, who endured persecution, for the name of Christ the Lord, Rebekah and her children.

Ni pictoc `[email protected] etaufai qa [email protected] e;be piran `mpinyb P=,[email protected] Ierebekka nem necsyri.

while they were praying, the Lord's angel appeared to them, they rejoiced when he announced, to them their martyrdom.

Ena`uslyl afouwnh [email protected] `ebol `nje `paggeloc `[email protected] auounof `mmwou etaf [email protected] nwou qen tmetmarturoc.

They gave their wealth to the poor, they gave up themselves to death, and refused to worship the idols, they threw them into fire but did not burn.

Aut `nnouhupar,[email protected] `nnihyki autyitou `m`[email protected] `mpou;wt `ntououwst `n`[email protected] auhitou `epi`,rwm `mpoumoh.

In Alexandria they tempted them, with the glory of the world to deny their God, they rejected their offerings, and were crucified heads down.

Qen Rakot aucepcwpou [email protected] `pswou `mpi;o `ntou,a [email protected] ouoh auera;etin `[email protected] auasou de euoi`nrabnahbi.

After three full days, they were raised in good health, then they put them in boiling oil, they were not harmed the soldiers were inflamed.


They beheaded the children, on the lap of their mother and then her head, the believers built a church for them, their miracles appeared.


Hail to you O martyrs, who accepted many sufferings, for their love to Christ, rejoice in paradise.


Pray to the Lord on our behalf, O beloved of Christ the king, Rebekah and her children that He may forgive us our sins.