Amen Amen Come

1- Amen, Amen, come
My faithful Lord, Jesus Christ!
Amen, Amen, come
Our hearts are yearning for the flight!

R- (We´re waiting for you
As you have promised) x2
(Surely I come quickly Amen!) x2

2- We see Thy glory,
In the delightful clouds,
You've made us like you,
In a quick twinkle of an eye.

3- The sight would cheer us,
We see Thy wounds and thy scars;
As You draw near us,
Signs of Your love fill our eyes.

4- Around our Groom there
We rejoice and be glad,
With the redeemed church,
The greatest love and joy ever.

5- No more sorrow,
No more pain, nor tears,
The Lord our comfort,
Our hearts and souls He cheers,

6- There shall be no night,
No candle needed nor a sun,
Our Lord and Savior
Gives us Himself, the True Light.