The Rite

The Welcoming Ceremony for the New Priest.

o The clergy, deacons and congregants greet the new priest at the door of the church and then lead him with a procession to the door of the Sanctuary with Ep-ou-ro
o The Priest prays the Prayer of Thanksgiving.
o The people chant the Verses of Cymbals including the verse of the 24 presbyters (priests).
o The people recite Psalm 50 (51).
o The Priest prays the Litany of the Departed.
o The people recite "Graciously accord O Lord..." and Trisagion and chant the Doxologies including the Doxology for the 24 presbyters (priests).
o The people recite The Introduction to the Creed and The Creed
o The Priest prays "O God, have mercy upon us."
o The people chant "Lord have mercy" in the great tune three times.
o The people chant Tai Shoori and Tenousht.
o The Deacon reads the Pauline Epistle (1 Timothy 5:17 - 6:2).
o The people chants the Hymn of the Holy Spirit (Pi-epnevma) followed by the Hymn of the Trisagion (Agios).
o The Priest prays the Litany of the Gospel followed by the Psalm and Gospel (Psalm 132:9, 18 John 1:1-17).
o In a procession, the priests and deacons enter the holy Sanctuary with candles in their hands. They proceed around the Altar three times and around the church three times with the new priest (and his wife). The new priest carries the holy Gospel wrapped in a white silk cloth while the people chant "Ni-ethnos Teero," and the Second Hoos Lobsh "Maren-ou-onh" followed by the verse for 24 presbyters chanted in the Palm Sunday tune.
o Then the hymn is chanted in the Palm Sunday Tune.
o Then the commandment is read to the new priest.
o The Sermon
o The Priest prays the Five Short Litanies
o The people recites the Lord´s Prayer
o The Priest gives the final benediction, blessing, and dismisses the people