Abouna, Abouna (tune of My father the monks of the desert)

REFRAIN: Abouna your love is forever strong,
You show us the way when we are wrong (2)
Your joy comes from heaven above (2)
You always fill our hearts with Love
Abouna, Abouna

1. You are our teacher and our guide
You bring the best out from inside (2)
*8 years ago, we were blessed (2)
By a wise man we were impressed
Abouna, Abouna


2. Ya Abouna when we are distressed,
The words you say make us feel blessed (2)
No words describe, how we love you (2)
Your good example we look to
Abouna, Abouna


3. You have a willing hand to lend,
And Abouna, you are the perfect friend (2)
You strive to serve, with all your heart (2)
From you we wish to never part.
Abouna, Abouna


*Number of years since priest's ordination.

-- © A.C. Hasaballa