The Doxology for St. Bishoy :: Iwcyv piar,y`ereuc@


O Joseph the high priest,of the great city of Alexandria, the pure virgin, adorned with true humility.

Iwcyv piar,y`ereuc@ `nte tnist`mbaki Rakot@ pipar;enoc eutoubyut@ etjolh `mpi;ebio `mmyi.

For in the days, of your high-priesthood, this great grace came to us, we the undeserving.

N`hryi qen ni`ehoou@ `nte tekmetar,y`ereuc@ `apainist `n`hmot tahon@ `anon qa niatem`psa.

That is the coming of our fathers, the cross-bearers, Abba Bishoy and Abba Paul, the shining stars.

Ete pijin`i saron@ `nte neniot`n`ctaurovoroc@ abba Piswi nem abba Paule@ nivwctyr `eterouwini.

These who became unto us, two harbors of salvation , they have enlightened our souls, through their holy bodies.

Nai `etauswpi nan@ =b `nlumyn `nte pioujai@ au`erouwini `nnen'u,y@ hiten noulum'anon =e=;=u.

Hail to our father Abba Bishoy, the just and perfect man, hail to our father Abba Paul, the Beloved of Christ.

<ere peniwt abba Piswi pirwmi `ntelioc@ ,ere peniwt abba Paule@ pimenrit `nte P=,=c.

Pray..., O masters and fathers who loved their children, Abba Bishoy and Abba Paul, that...

T=w@ `w na=o=c `niot `mmainousyri@ abba Piswi nem abba Paule@ `ntef...