Communion Hymn - Yestermeje :: Ic;ermegi :: لحن للتوزيع - ييستير ميجي


** In the summer, the Magi offered the king understanding and worship. Come worship. Come sing strong.

Ic;ermegi `[email protected] vacileoc `vro`i `[email protected] kekappeci `[email protected] deude `[email protected] deude `c;inta`epagic.

نجمك ظهر للمجوس, الملك قبل الدهور. يا كل الشعوب تعالوا إذاً لنعبد الذي وُلد على الأرض.

Worthily, the Magi forever changed the hearts of all the tribes of the earth. These, and us all, worship Him who was
born and who suffered.

Baxio bavonh `[email protected] perrou ethyt `nni`[email protected] `enivuly tyrou `m`[email protected] `enai tyren [email protected] `mpentaumacf etsep`mkah.


The Magi looked. Truly the Living made the Magi speechless when He became God. There is no reed mat worthy of
the holiness.

`Vlepi magoc de ;[email protected] zwi neni `etaelloca (`eteelloca)@ `enimagoc autacsoure (eutacsoure)@ ;e`onan `mmon `ntac `[email protected] ke `nnakxaci (`nnakxwci) `ajia.

المجوس رأوا المعجزة, الحياة قامت. المجوس قدموا له الهدايا و هم يسبحون الله الذي وُلد. المجد لك أيها القدوس.

The Magi saw the signs revealed to them when they glorified. The Magi offered their gifts praising God who was born,
who received them and whom we glorify.

Nimagoc joust `eni`[email protected] evonh `nnau `etau ]`[email protected] `enimagoc `[email protected] euhwc `m`Vnou] pentebet`[email protected] `tsepeounak petentouai.


And a virgin, (gave birth?) to the Incarnate Word of God. The tribes were instructed of the mystery of the Theotokos of

`Itoupar;enoc [email protected] ke`y;you `nnan`[email protected] Logoc :eoc `[email protected] ma;a;on [email protected] ;ontokotou Emmanouyl.

هوذا العذراء تحبل, الله بين البشر, الله الكلمة ظهر, سر عظيم هو ميلاد عمانؤيل.

The Ancient Being came to the virgin. She gave birth to our Mighty God. God revealed the mystery of Emmanuel that
was set in motion

`Ac`i] Par;enoc `nte pac `[email protected] afoj `mpennoten tef`nroma (tef`nrome)@ au`Vnoute [email protected] je `[email protected] penet`spw `nEmmanouyl.


My Lord, the patient Lord, the Physician of wondrous glory - today He lowered himself to the tribes. Come let us bless
(Him) with them.

Na[oic kurioc ke `[email protected] 'ine ('ina) `ntou ;auma;a;[email protected] `wou `mvoou aulakcautyc (aulakceutyc)@ pacoi `enivyle [email protected] marenmakarizomen autou (eutou).

العذراء أصبحت هيكل الله. عجيبة هي هذه المعجزة, الذي جاء بارادته. يا شعوب الأرض لنعلن إنها مُطوبة.

Send the spirit (of the Magi) that came to proclaim Him. And (that) truth that was proclaimed is in Him. All you tribes of
the earth, let us bless Him."

`B`rp (bwrp) `pneumata [email protected] ws `mmofpe pi;[email protected] pantafws ouoh `[email protected] `wnidele tyrou `m`[email protected] maren makarizin `mmoc.


The Rod of Aaron (blossomed and gave?) birth (while also?) destroying (the unbelief?) of our hearts. Come, worship.

Reftoc `ntou `A`[email protected] centou agennetou (`egennetou)@ tennec`kli;oc `alwcw (`elwcw)@ `epen ton`[email protected] taute (toute) `proc kenicwmen.

عصا هارون الله جعلها تزهر, و الفروع هم العبرانيين و المجوس, تعالوا نسجد له.

The censer in Aaron's hands is a spiritual sign. Its new branches are the Hebrew inquirers, the Magi, All of us come to

`Tserof (`tsarof) `nhanjij `n`A`[email protected] ou`svyri `m`pneuma naf`kla;oc (naf`kle;oc)@ `mberrepi ref][email protected] tenimagoc `nhebrioc (nhabrioc)@ `amoi tentyren `ntenouwst.


The Light from Light has filled us all with joy. Sing O Magi. The unbelievers - let them believe because of the Coming of Christ.

Voc akfo;ec `[email protected] keran pe`pliri;[email protected] `tcallatec [email protected] ou`epouten [email protected] ]`mperrocia `nte ou`,rictou.

نور من نور ظهر لنا, فملأنا بفرح. لنسبح مع المجوس, ايها الغير مؤمنين, آمِنوا بمجيء المسيح.

** preliminary translation by George Ghaly

Piouwini `ebolqen [email protected] afmoh tyren `[email protected] `n`ari'alin `w [email protected] `ania;nahte [email protected] e;be `pjin`i `mPi`,rictoc.


This unique hymn is said during the Paramoun of the Nativity feast. An analysis of the hymn reveals unique characteristics. This hymn is one of the few hymns in the Coptic Church that has no translation. The unique usage of Greek, Bohairic and Sahidic Coptic suggests that the hymn was written in Upper Egypt in Late Sahidic.