Another Communion Melody - En

He who sits upon the Cherubim,
Today appeared in Jerusalem,
Riding on a colt with great glory,
Surrounded by ranks of ni-angelos.

In His humility He came to us,
Riding on a colt to restore us,
Let our enemies be disgraced,
The defiled Devil and his powers.

What a wonder how the Lord of the throne,
Humbled Himself and rode on a colt,
And raised the dead man from the tomb,
All people saw his life restored.

O David, why do you delay,
Arise and pluck your harp,
Rejoice today for salvation,
Our despair is removed afar.

This is the famous prophesied day,
He spoke of in psalms and symbols,
Let us rejoice and be glad in it,
And praise with the angels.

Praise the Lord O Jerusalem,
Glorify your God with one accord,
O people of Levi and Naphtali,
Glorify the holy Lord.

For He has erected your gates,
Mended peace to your towers with awe,
He filled all your children with grain,
And fortified you with the Law.

Arise and preach the grace to Zion,
She received many honors through her King,
Sorrow and worry were removed from her,
Peace to Her, He did bring.

O Jerusalem, what has befallen you,
Arise and adorn your gates,
O Zion invite your beloved ones,
Praise the holy Lord the great.

The land of Judea and all surroundings,
The lands of Capernaum and Galilee,
And many people gathered this day,
For the Passover in this city.

When they heard, they went out rejoicing,
Palm leaves and olive branches carrying,
Saying, "Save us, O Giver of Life,"
They were crying and praying.

They went to meet Him from every region,
From their hearts, praises rose,
"Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord."
Hosanna in the highest.

The Hebrew children spread their garments,
Under the feet of the colt,
Which was prepared for the Lord of lords,
Jesus Christ our Lord.

May palm trees and olives be proud,
Apart from all other trees that grew,
Rejoice, O daughter of Zion,
The life-Giver´s coming has adorned you.

O people of Jesus arise now,
Take the palm leaves and branches,
Praise with the suckling babes,
Rejoice for the coming of the Lord Jesus.

Chant unto Him with pleasant songs,
With pure rejoicing hearts in prayer,
Saying this is the King of Israel,
Our holy Lord the Savior.