St. Maurice :: Mouryc pijwri `mmarturoc


Maurice the strong martyr:
truly brave in the wars:
the head of the sixty-six hundred solders:
of the Thebian legion.

Mouryc pijwri `mmarturoc@
Pi[woij `mmyi qen nibwtc@
piatjwj `nnimatoi `ncoou sw coouse@
`nte ]paraboly `nren `ntiba.

A name of pride is your name:
O our Saint Maurice:
King Maximianos was delighted:
in your victory.

Ouran `nsousou pe pekran@
`w vye;ouab Mouryc `ntan@
Maximianoc piouro@
afrasi de `etak`[ro.

All glory is due to you:
at all times:
for you have opposed the evil king:
and bore witness to the God of glory.

Umnologi`a niben@
cetwmi `erok `ncyou niben@
Je akhi`pho `m`pouro ethoou@
ouoh akerme;re qav] `nte `pwou.

Be joyful Maurice and delight:
O beloved of Emmanuel:
For you have received much great grace:
O honest father and saint.

Rasi Mouryc ouoh ;elyl@
`w pimenrit `nEmmanouyl@
je aksasni `nounis] `n`hmot@
`w peniwt e;ouab etenhot.

Behold your soldiers also:
who suffered with you:
have receive unfading crowns:
in the year two-hundred-ninety A.D.

Yppe ic nikematoi@
nyetau[i`mkah nemak@
au[i on `mpi`klwm `na;lwm@
qen ]prompi `cnau se pi`ctau.

Listen to the voice full of joy:
Of our Lord Jesus our God:
saying enter into the joy:
of your Lord Give of victory.

Cwten `e `t`cmy e;meh `nrasi@
`nte Pen[oic Iycouc Pennou]@
je `amou `eqoun `e`vrasi@
`nte pek[oic `nrefnas].

Hail to you O Egyptian martyr:
of our Lord Jesus Christ:
Hail to you O strong leader:
and to the soldiers of your army.

,ere nak `w Pimarturoc `nrem`n<ymi@
`nte Pen[oic Iycouc Pennou]@
,ere nak `w pianjwj `njwri@
nem nekmatoi `n]paremboly.

Pray to the Lord on our behalf:
O Egyptian martyrs:
Saint Maurice and your soldiers:
that He may forgive us our sins.

Twbh `mP[oic `e`hryi `ejwn@
`w nimarturoc `nrem`n<ymi@
Abba Mouryc nem nekmatoi@
`ntef,a ninnoubi nan `ebol.