The Good Shepherd


I am the lost lamb, and You´re my Good Shepherd
The 99 you left on the mountain crest
With all patience you tried, You looked right and left
Trying to seek the wretched, trying to seek the wretched

You looked everywhere Your kind heart won´t rest
You called out "Where are you my beloved son?
Beware of the fox, come back my poor one!
Where are you my son? Where are you my son?"

Among the thorns I lay You saw me in distress
You came to where I stand, you held me by the hand!
I saw your bloodshed, with all the wounds and cuts
But you heart´s in bliss, but your heart´s in bliss

You carried me in your arms and brought me back with joy
Your comforting arms surrounded me with compassion
And with all the flock you secured my path
And there you kept me safe, and there you kept me safe