The Doxology :: `A Pen[oic Iycouc Pi`,rictoc :: الذكصولوجية


Our Lord Jesus Christ, glory and chanting to Him, with His good Father, and the Spirit of comfort.

`A Pen[oic Iycouc Pi`,[email protected] pi`wou vwf nem [email protected] nem Pefiwt `n`aga;[email protected] nem Pi`pneuma `mparaklyton.

ربنا يسوع المسيح، له المجد والترتيل، مع أبيه الصالح، والروح المعزي.

+ He entered the holy temple, on His Mother's hands, after forty days, from His holy Birth.

+ `I `eqoun `epiervei e;[email protected] `ejen nenjij `[email protected] menenca `hme `n`[email protected] `mPefjinmici e;ouab.

+ دخل الهيكل المقدس، على يدي أمه، بعد أربعين يوماً، من ميلاده المقدس.

Joseph the Righteous came, with Mary the Mother of Christ, to fulfill the law, in Jesus the Savior.

Af`i `nje Iwcyv [email protected] nem Maria `:mau `mPi`,[email protected] au;amio `m`pjwk `[email protected] e;be Pi`alou `nCwtyr Iycouc.

جاء يوسف الصديق، مع مريم أم المسيح، وصنعا أتمام الناموس، لآجل الصبي المخلص يسوع.

Simeon the Priest carried Him, on his holy hands, and praised Christ the King, likewise saying.

+ Afolf `nje Cumewn [email protected] `ejen nefjij e;[email protected] ouoh afhwc `e`Pouro Pi`,[email protected] `mpairy] efjw `mmoc.

+ حمله سمعان الكاهن، على يديه الطاهرتين، وسبح الملك المسيح، هكذا قائلاً.

"Lord now You are letting Your servant depart, in peace according to Your word, for my eyes have seen Your salvation, which You have prepared before the people."

}nou Panyb `,na,a [email protected] `ebol qen ouhiryny kata [email protected] je aunau `nje nabal `[email protected] vy`etakcebtwtf `mpe`m;o `nnilaoc.

"الآن يا سيد تطلق عبدك، بسلام كقولك، لأن عيني قد أبصرتا خلاصك، الذي أعددته قدام الشعوب."

+ We praise and glorify Him, and exalt Him above all, as a Good One and Lover of Man, have mercy upon us according to Your great mercy.

+ Tenhwc `erof ten]`wou [email protected] tenerhou`o [ici `[email protected] hwc `Aga;oc ouoh `[email protected] nai nan kata peknis] `nnai.

+ نسبحه ونمجده، ونزيده علواً، كصالح ومحب البشر، إرحمنا كعظيم رحمتك.