Order of the Liturgy

The Order of the Liturgy of Bright Saturday

  • The Prayers start normally.

  • Nothing is said in the Procession of the Lamb (Not Alleluia Fai be pi).

  • Sotees amen is said in the short tune and than the absolution.

  • Than Ten-oo-osht and the Pauline Epistle said first in Coptic than Arabic and/or English (Only in annual tune).

  • Than the Catholic Epistle and the Acts are read normally.

  • The Trisagion is than chanted first in annual tune. All three parts are said with the "...who was crucified..." part.

  • The Psalm is chanted first in the Etribi tune and than the festive.

  • The intro of the annual gospel is said (Estathee-te & Efisma-ro-oot).

  • The Paschal intro of the Gospel is said (Ke-eperto) and the Gospel is read in Coptic (Etribi tune and than festive).

  • Than the psalm and the gospel are explained in Arabic and/or English (Psalm in Etribi and Festive tune, the Gospel and its intro in Etribi and Festive).

  • The Gospel response is said.

  • The Creed is than said until "...Suffered and was buried" and then continued with "Yes, we believe in the Holy Spirit..."

  • Than the Aspoasmos Adam is chanted and/or "Through the intercessions..." instead of the prayer of reconciliation.

  • Than the liturgy is continued as usual.

  • During Communion, the hymn "Panouti Panouti..." is said and may be translated in Arabic and/or English.

  • If the priest still distributing communion after the hymn "Panouti...," the prophecies of the 11th hour are read.

  • Than the prayers end normally.