Responses of the Acts :: <ere


Hail to you who has found grace, the Lord is with you, hail to her who accepted the joy of the world from the angel.

<ere ;yetacjem @ `hmot P=o=c sop neme @ ,ere ;yetac[i `nten piaggeloc @ `m`vrasi `mpikocmoc.

Hail to Bethlehem, the city of the prophets, in which was born Christ, the second Adam.

<ere Bye;leem @ `tpolic `nni `provytyc @ ;yetaumec P=,=c `nqytc @ pimah `cnau `n`Adam.

Hail to His Resurrection when He rose from the dead and saved us from our sins.

<ere tef `anactacic @ etaftwnf `ebolqen nye;mwout @ sa `ntefcw] `mmon @ `ebolqen nennobi.