Order of the Liturgy

The priest begins the liturgy without the prayers of the hours. Alleluia Fai be pi and Sotees Amen are not chanted. The priest offers incense and the congregation chants Ten-oo-osht and the Pauline Epistle is read in the annual tune while the priest goes around with the censer without kissing. The Trisgion is than said in same order as the Laqan liturgy. The Catholic Epistle and the Acts are not read. Than the litnay of the gospel, the Psalm in the Singari fisteve tune, and the Gospel in the annual tune are read. Than 3 long litanies can be said and the gospel response followed by the Creed. The prayer of reconciliation is not prayed and the congregation continues with "Through the intercessions..." The Liturgy is continued as usual until the priest prays the Litany of the oblations. After the deacon´s reponse, the Commemoration of the Saints is not prayed and the congregation continues with "As it was..." The liturgy is continued as usual until the end.
During partaking of the holy communion, psalm 150 is not chanted but the readings of the eleventh hour are started. When communion has finished, the priest gives the final blessing without laying of the hands and concludes the prayers.