Order of the Laquan


The Order of the Laqan (The Blessing of the Water)

After morning Pascha, the Clergy put on their Tonias while chanting "Ek-esmaro-oot".

  • "Our Father..."
  • The Thanksgiving Prayer.
  • The Verses of the Cymbals as follows:
    • Ten-oo-osht...
    • Shere ti-eklesia...
    • Shere na-shois en-ioto en-apostolos...
    • Esos Pikhrestos ensaf...
    • Ep-ooro...
    • Zoxa Patri...

  • "Our Father..."
  • Psalm 50 (51) is prayed (Ending with: "Alleluia. Glory be to you O Lord").
  • The Prophecies are read as follows:
    • Genesis 18:1-23
    • Proverbs 9:1-11
    • From Exodus 14, 15
    • From Joshua 1, 2
    • Isaiah 4:2-4
    • Isaiah 55:1-13; 56:1
    • Ezekiel 36:25-29
    • Ezekiel 47:1-9

  • The homily is than said
  • Ten-oo-osht is said and than the Pauline Epistle is read in the annual tune (1 Timothy 4:9-16; 5:1-10).
  • Than the Trisagion is chanted in the annual tune.
  • The litany of the gospel.
  • The Psalm and the Gospel are chanted in the annual tune (Psalm 51:7,10, John 13:1-17).
  • Than the Priest prays "Efnouti nai nan" than the people response with "Lord have mercy" 10 times.
  • The gospel response is said.
  • Than the seven long litanies are prayed in this order:
    • The Sick.
    • The Travelers.
    • The Waters, Plants, & Fruits.
    • The Leader (King).
    • The Departed.
    • The Oblation.
    • The Catechumens.

  • Then the Priest prays the litanies.
    People than chant "Lord have mercy" 100 times.
  • The litanies of the Peace, the Fathers, and the Congregation are prayed.
  • Than the deacon says "Ensofeia" and the people would start The Creed.
  • The Aspasmos is than said (if there is time).
  • Than the deacon says "Epros-fereen..."
  • Than the people response with "Through the intercessions..."
  • Than the Priest starts praying the Anaphora.
    - The people would response with "The Cherubim worship You."
  • Than the Priest prays "Agios" and than the anointing of the water starts with the people responding with "Amen."
  • Than "Our Father ...," the absolution (inaudibly) for the Priest, and than the deacon says "Sotis Amen..."
  • Than the Priest prays "Blessed be the Lord Jesus Christ...," and the people response with "One is the All holy Father..."
  • Than Psalm 150 is chanted in annual tune and the Psali in the annual tune.

Then the priest wets a veil from the blessed water and washes the feet of the elder priest and then dries them with another veil. The elder priest then takes the veil, wets it and washes and dries the feet of the priests first, then the deacons, the men, and anoints the women.