Conclusion of the Commentary :: Pi,rictoc penCwtyr


Christ our Savior,
has come and has suffered, that through His Passion, He may save us.

Pi,rictoc [email protected] af`i afsep`[email protected] hina qen nef`[email protected] `ntefcw] `mmon.

المسيح مخلصنا، جاء وتألم، لكى بآلامه يخلصنا.

Let us glorify Him, and exalt His Name, for He had mercy on us, according to His great mercy.

Maren ]`[email protected] ten[ici `[email protected] je aferounai [email protected] kata pefnis] `nnai.

فلنمجده ونرفع اسمه لانه صنع معنا رحمة كعظيم رحمته.