For All the days of Lent - En


Blessed are those who have mercy,
Who give to the poor and fast and pray,
The Holy Spirit will fill their hearts,
The Son will show them mercy on Judgment Day.


Blessed are those who have mercy,
From God they shall obtain mercy,
On Judgment Day Christ will set them apart,
May His Holy Spirit fill all their heart.

Moses lasted for forty days,
To be purified in body and spirit,
To receive from God the two tablets,
With the Ten Commandments written on them.

When Moses saw the almighty God,
His glory filled Moses with grace,
The people of Israel covered their eyes,
They could not look at his radiant face.

Fasting and prayer of the prophet Daniel,
Saved his life in the lions´ den,
The Lord kept shut the lions´ mouths,
For God protects His holy men.


Elijah fasted and prayed that the sky,
For three and half years would not rain,
That the Israelites who went astray,
Would feel hunger, agony and pain.

As they repented he asked the Lord,
To bring the rain with His mighty hand,
The Lord opened the gates of heaven,
Rain and rejoicing filled the land.

Fasting and prayers of the Ninevites,
As they appealed to God above,
When they repented God forgave,
Their sins and filled them with His love.


Fasting and prayers of the Disciples,
Spread God´s Word to every nation,
Baptizing and preaching the Holy Gospel,
Healing and bringing salvation.

Fasting and prayers of the martyrs,
Gave them the power to stand the pain,
Knowing that even losing their lives,
Is nothing compared to their heavenly gain.

Fasting and prayers of the righteous,
And cross-bearers kept them living,
In the caves, deserts and mountains,
Because of their love For Christ the King.