For the 4th Week - En


The Fourth Sunday of the Great Lent

Blessed are those who have mercy,
Who give to the poor and fast and pray,
The Holy Spirit will fill their hearts,
The Son will show them mercy on Judgment Day.


Blessed are those who have mercy,
From God they shall obtain mercy,
On Judgment Day Christ will set them
May His Holy Spirit fill all their heart.

Jesus departed from Judea,
Was on His way to Galilee land,
He had to pass through Samaria,
The heat of the sun was hard to stand.

He stopped by a town called Sychar,
And sat for a while to rest from the heat,
In a land that Jacob gave to Joseph,
There lies Jacob's well in it, at his feet.

The disciples went to town to buy food,
A journey ahead, of a whole day to go,
Jesus looked up by the well nearby,
A woman from Samaria coming He saw.

Blessed are those ...

Carrying a pail to draw water with,
From the well, as she did every day,
Jesus asked her if she would give Him,
Water to quench His thirst away.

She said, How can I give You water,
The Jews and Samaritans don't get along,
I am a Samaritan, and You are a Jew,
You Jews have done the Samaritans wrong."

He said, If you know about God's gift,
The One who is asking you for a drink,
He is the One that gives living water,
From giving Him water, you would not shrink.

Blessed are those ...

She looked at Him and said, "How can,
You get water when the well is deep,
You don't even have a pail to use,
So where would You keep the water."

Are You greater than prophet Jacob,
Who gave this well a thousand years ago,
To us to satisfy our needs,
His greatness and kindness we all know.

Jesus said, "From this water you drink,
After a while, you'll thirst again,
The water I give to you will be,
A spring of eternal life for all men."

Blessed are those ...

The woman said, "Give me of this water,
That I may not again come here,
You utter strange but marvelous things,
I wish others, to Your words, would hear."

Jesus said, "Go call your husband,
To listen to what I have to say,"
She said to Him, "No husband I have,"
And turned her face from Him away.

Jesus told her, "Right you have said,
Five husbands you had in the past,
The man in your house is not your spouse,
The truth came from your heart at last."

Blessed are those ...

She said, "I see You are a prophet,
Although I do not know, Sir, Your name,
Tell me which place one should worship,
Here as our fathers said or in Jerusalem."

"Believe me woman, the day will come,
In the near future," Jesus replied,
People will not worship the Father,
Here, there, or on the mountain-side.

You worship what you don't know,
But we Jews worship what we know,
The Lord of salvation from us will come,
From Him the living water will flow.

Blessed are those ...

God is the Spirit and those who believe,
And worship Him in truth and spirit,
With them the Father will be pleased,
They shine in heaven and their lamps are lit.

The woman said, "The Messiah will come,
To show us all things that are and will be,"
Jesus answered, "You should by now know,
The One you speak with now He is."

At that moment the disciples came back,
And were surprised to see Him talk,
To the Samaritan woman by the well,
As she was starting away to walk.

Blessed are those ...

They said to Jesus, "Master eat,
The food we brought form town to You,"
He said, "My nourishment is not meat,
But doing the will of Him who sent Me."

Isn't it four months till harvest,
I say lift up your eyes and see,
The fields are ripe and ready to be reaped,
The sower and the reaper, happy both will be.

The woman told the people of the town,
A Man told me all that I have done,
He might be the coming Messiah,
So all of them at once, to Him were gone.

After two days of hearing Him teach,
And the Word from God they did receive,
They told the woman, "For ourselves we saw,
He is the world's Savior, we truly believe."

Blessed are those who have mercy,
Who give to the poor and fast and pray,
The Holy Spirit will fill their hearts,
The Son will show them mercy on Judgment Day.