The mother of the king

The Mother of the King : Your praises we sing
Gabriel came to say : As you stood to pray.

Do not be afraid : By His hand you´re made
A Son you will conceive : That was hard to believe.

Your Son will reign over : Jacob´s house forever
Forever His kingdom : He´ll give you wisdom.

His name will be great : Opening heavens´ gate
The Holy Spirit in you : Will overshadow you.

Nothing for God is hard : He´ll watch you and guard
The Son of the most high : Coming to the world to die.

Dying for our sins : The world with Him will win.
For conceiving a Son : You said Thy will be done.

The angel went away : To Elizabeth you went to stay
As you came in the room : John leaped in her womb.

Elizabeth said behold : Your greatness unfold
Honour for me to see : God´s Mother come to me.

You are God´s choice : With you we all rejoice
You sang a hymn of praise : With you our voice we raise.

The mighty will be down : The meek will wear a crown
Mercy to those who fear : Who God´s commandments hear.

The rich empty will go : The hungry´s eyes will glow
Through strength of His arm : No one will do us harm.