Hail to you, O Mary

Hail to you, O Mary : The pride of our race
The very and true queen : The pure symbol of grace

Hail to the throne of God : The second heaven
The mother of our Saviour : The salvation of all men

Hail to the pure Virgin : The help of all mankind
The daughter of David : Who leaves no one behind

Hail to her who appeared : To millions abroad
And converted many : To become children of God

Hail to her who received : The angel Gabriel
And did bear in her womb : The salvation of Israel

Hail to the ever Virgin : Who carried in her hand
Emmanuel before whom : All the angels stand

Hail to her who appeared : On the domes of Zeitoun,
As a shining figure of light, : As bright as the sun at noon

Hail to the undefiled : The perpetual Virgin
Who brought us peace on earth : And good will toward men

Hail to her who heard : Gabriel´s salutation
Proclaiming unto her : The Messiah´s visitation

Hail to the new Eve : Who brought us salvation
Forget not your children : In the hour of temptation

Hail to the mother of God : Blessed by all generations
The handmaid of the LORD : Worthy of all exaltation

Hail to the censer : Carrying the Divine Ember
In the presence of the LORD : Your children remember

Hail to the pure vessel : Bearer of the Great Mystery
And through whom was fulfilled : The promise to the ancestry

Hail to the glorious one : Who is to be called blessed by us,
By all the generations : And all the rest

In the name of the Father : And the Son, And the Holy Spirit,
The Holy and Co-Essential Trinity : Worthy: Worthy: Worthy:
Is Saint Mary the Virgin