watching us

Watching us, hearing us, loving us
She could never possibly forget us
She´s St Mary mother of Jesus who saved us
We´re her children, and she´s always guiding us.

She´s in heaven in her glory
The pride of all our saints (2)
Constantly, she´s interceding
With the saints on our behalf.

She´s in heaven but she appears
To her children everywhere (2)
Spreading on earth love and peace
And preserving faith for all.

She´s in heaven but she sees
When her children are in tears (2)
Mettias was handcuffed in jail
But she came and broke the chains.

She´s in heaven but she hears
The pleading of a great Pope (2)
Anba Abraam come out and meet
The faith that moved the mountain.

She´s in heaven but she leaves
Many miracles where she appears (2)
In the church she comes and shares
With faith we witness her care.