Another Hymn (Lost) :: Ouciou afsai qen nima`nsai :: لحن اخر مفقود


A star appeared in the east, a King was born in Bethlehem, and the Magi brought Him offerings, and they bowed down and worshiped Him.

Ouciou afsai qen nima `[email protected] Ououro aumacf qen By;[email protected] hanmagoc auen dwron naf auhitou `e`qryi auouwst `mmof.

نجم أشرق في المشارق، ملك وُلد في بيت لحم، ومجوس قدموا له قرابين، وخروا وسجدوا له.

They brought Him frankincense as for a lord, gold as for a king, and myrrh as for His life-giving Death.

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Au`ini naf `noulibanoc hwc nou] nem ounoub hwc ouro nem ousal ef]myini `ePefjinmou `nreftanqo.

قدموا له لباناً كإله، وذهباً كملك، ومراً يدل على موته المحي.