The Psalm :: Ef`ewnq ouoh eu`e] :: المزمور


Psalm 72:15

"almoc =o=a@ =i=g

مزامير 72 : 15

And He shall live. And there shall be given Him of the gold of Arabia. And men shall pray for Him continually. And all the day shall they praise Him.

Ef`ewnq ouoh eu`e] naf@ `ebol qen pinoub `nte }`arabia@ =a=l =a=l =a=l. Eu`etwbh e;bytf `ncyou niben@ ouoh eu`e`cmou `erof `mpi`ehoou tyrf.

يعيش ويُعطى له من ذهب أرابيا، ويصلون من أجله كل حين، ويباركونه فى كل يوم.