2nd Week

I begin with the holy name of God,
The Word, the Son of God Esos,
In the name of the unapproachable Trinity,
Ek-owab ek-owab agios.

Three sanctifications for three Hypostases,
One God without division,
I greet Mary the daughter of Joachim,
The intercessor for the Christians.

The Lord has chosen,
Mary the purest of the pure,
In her, the One of the Trinity,
Became flesh in truth.

Gabriel came to Mary,
With his greeting and spoke to her,
Announcing to her the greatest mystery,
The holy Word will dwell in her.

She was filled with the Holy Spirit,
Inside her womb the Son did dwell,
She conceived of the Holy Spirit,
While she was a bride and virgin.

The Creator of heaven and earth,
Came to us with a great mystery,
He to whom the throne´s hosts obey,
Dwelled in the womb of the virgin.

This was a great gift from Him,
Which He accomplished for Adam´s sake,
For the salvation of those in darkness,
To bring them back to Paradise.

According to the wise plan,
Our Savior´s divinity was hidden,
From the evil defiler,
Satan the cursed villain.

Satan humiliated Adam with lust,
The commandments of God he disobeyed,
He ate the fruit and became naked,
He was cast out of Paradise´s gate.

Our Master came in human flesh,
Which He took from the pride of creation,
He came in and out while the door was sealed,
As seen in Ezekiel´s revelation.

Ezekiel witnessed in his revelation,
And said I saw visions in the East,
A sealed door with locks on it,
The holy God has entered through it.

You kept the secret of the great God,
You O Mary the daughter of Joachim,
You carried the Creator of all souls,
You became the chariot of Cherubim.

God and Man appeared from you,
Divinity united with humanity,
And you gave birth to Him in Bethlehem,
Magi from the East came to Him joyfully.

The high hosts of the throne,
With the shepherds were praising,
"Glory to God in the highest,"
With their voices they cried singing.

Salvation appeared to the captives,
Those who suffered, He liberated,
Adam´s descendants were in prison,
In darkness with the defiled Satan.

Emmanuel the only-begotten Son,
Made Mary a tabernacle and a shield,
Moses, Baslael and Aholiab,
Made the tent with gold and precious beads.

God forgave us our sins,
Through His great birth He came to us,
He delivered us from our enemies,
And gave us the sign of the cross.

Mary has exceeded the archangels,
And all the hosts and the powers,
Who among all creatures,
Resembles Mary the virgin.

Mary accepted all greetings,
From the generous God, the Logos,
The God of all with out beginning,
Who is praised by the angels.

All the prophecies were fulfilled,
About Mary, they said proverbs,
Moses saw a burning bush among hills,
And fire never burnt its branches.

Hail to you O Mother of God.,
O Mary you became as heaven,
When God clung to your bosom with His hands,
You nourished Him O Bride and Virgin.

Who among all creatures,
Can describe your great blessings?
When Elizabeth met you,
She was with child with the Baptist.

The light of the Creator has illuminated,
Steadily to John the Baptist,
He worshiped in her womb three times,
To Him in the womb of the virgin.

This is a great hidden mystery,
You carried Him O daughter of Zion,
You shamed Satan the villain,
By bearing Jesus Christ.

And I the sinner and the negligent,
In the commandments of the God of Hosts,
Marcos the patriarch by word,
But my acts do not please the Lord.

Do not forget Your people,
O Judge who are present everywhere,
We, Your servants, old and young,
Protect us from Satan´s snares.

O Lord I ask of You,
Through the intercessions of the martyrs,
And the saints, the dwellers of the mountains,
Cast all evil away from us.

And the peace of the holy God,
Be with you all attendants,
Deacons and priests,
And all the congregation of Christians.