O coptic bride of my savior

O coptic bride of my savior,
And the light of my homeland Egypt
With a flaming love in my heart,
I adore you Orthodox faith.

Mother of the martyrs is beautiful,
Mother of the honorable is noble
She crossed the sea of all sufferings,
She preserved with her blood the faith.

O Mother your love made me alive,
Your pain is the seed of my faith
You went through the worst of times,
And you got out of them victorious. REFRAIN.

Your enemies struck you and hurt you,
They've put you in jails and have killed you
As food for beasts they made you,
And to every pain exposed you. REFRAIN.

O Mother how faithful you were,
And love of your bridegroom filled you
His sacraments He gave you,
And by his power you are garded. REFRAIN.

How beautiful is my wounded Mother,
For the sake of the savior and His servants
Blessed is he who will love you,
Who will preserve your faith. REFRAIN.

I hope my heart starts to love you,
So that i would live your faith
And chase away your enemies,
Renewing your old days.REFRAIN.

O Mother here i come,
Your love boiling in my viens
I promise with all my heart,
I shall serve my Father's church. REFRAIN.