Psali Watos :: إبصالية واطس

Today heaven and earth, rejoice because of the great honor, of the strong, St. Abba Mina.
All joyfulness and exultation, and all great lauds, are befitting along with prayers, on the feast of St. Abba Mina.

All believers, have gathered for glorification, on the feast of the hero, St. Abba Mina.
King David cries, in the Book of Psalms, that the righteous have cried, and the Lord answered them.

None of the wise men and Church teachers, can fully describe the honor, of this martyr, St. Abba Mina.
Many are the wonders, that he wrought in his place, and in every Egyptian town, the pure St. Abba Mina.

He healed the sick, in the name of Jesus Christ; he delivered the afflicted, St. Abba Mina.
Rejoice O orthodox nations, children of the Church, on the feast of the martyr, St. Abba Mina.

Today, Jesus Christ is in our midst, along with all his heavenly hosts, to honor the triumphant St. Abba Mina.
Also our fathers the apostles, and the elect martyrs, are proud of the sufferings, that the hero Mina endured.

The confessors, and all the bearers of the Cross, honor the fighter, the martyr Abba Mina.
Grant us Your peace O Lord, and grant us serenity unto the end, for the sake of Your Mother, and the strong saint the martyr Abba Mina.

All the kings of the earth, and all the teachers of the Church, cannot describe the honor, of the great St. Abba Mina.
He wrought many miracles, through the power of the sign of the Cross, that is our strong Lord's, Jesus Christ the Son of Man.

Great indeed is your honor, O St. Abba Mina, entreat the King of glory, that He may forgive us our sins.
O Lord Christ, scatter the enemies of the Church, and subdue their counsel, for the sake of the hero Abba Mina.

Keep us from the evil one, from temptations and from sin, through the prayers and intercessions, of St. Abba
Bless the waters of the river, the plants and the fruit, so that they may grow, through the intercessions of the brave Abba Mina.

We entreat You O Lord on behalf, of the priests, deacons and all believers, that You may deliver them for the sake of our Lady the Queen, and the martyr Abba Mina.
We also entreat You on behalf of our fathers, the monks and the children of the Church, deliver them from hardships, O Lord God our Helper.

Elevate the stature, of all Christians, through the intercessions of Your Mother the Holy Virgin, the Archangel Michael and St. Abba Mina.
O Lord God our Helper, elevate the stature of Christians, through the power of Your Cross, for the sake of the Holy Virgin and the hero Abba Mina.

Hail to you O Virgin, Mary the Mother God; hail to you O martyr, St. Abba Mina.
Grant comfort to all souls, alongside the Holy Virgin, and the righteous Abraham Isaac and Jacob, for the sake of the martyr Abba Mina.