My church, my church, my church

My church, my church, my church
She's my home, she's my mother
She's the source of all my joy

When I was a little child
Forty days to be exact
My parents took me with great joy
to the church to be baptized
abouna took me by the hands
and dipped me in a deeper water
that was my baptism
it was a second birth for me

She raised me since my childhood
in the sunday school
joyful with me and i with her
because my faith grew in her
i build my values on her teachings
and obey all her guidance
my Lord please take care of her
and bless her forever

whats best in her is on the altar
the heavenly are there in great glory
the hosts of the angels are singing
praising our dear savior
we eat His body with great joy
And His blood keeps harm away
in communion we win the kingdom
and life eternal