Madeha - 1 :: مديحة - 1


Melody for Saint Shenouda

مديح للانبا شنودة رئيس المتوحدين
يقال في أول كيهك ، 7 أبيب

التمجيد والتقديس
لمن طبعه الجودة
الذى اختار القديس
العظيم أنبا شنوده

Glorification and sanctification,
to Him the All-righteous,
Who has chosen the saint,
the Great Abba Shenouda.

نشأ هذا القديس
بقرية من أخميم
ويسوع رب التقديس
ألبسه الإسكيم

This great saint was born,
in a village of Ekhmim,
and the Lord of sanctification,
clothed him in the Eskim.

اختاره منذ صباه
ودعته أم الإله
شنوده ما أحلاه
تفسيره ابن الله

He chose him since his childhood,
and the Mother of God named him,
Shenouda - how wondrous!
It means the son of God.

والده المبارك
فكر وبدأ يقول
نذهب نتبارك
من الأنبا بيجول

And his blessed father,
thought and started to say,
let us go and be blessed,
by our father Abba Pigol.

أنبا بيجول خاله
تنبأ بإعلان
ونطق بأفضاله
انه أب للرهبان

His uncle Abba Pigol,
prophesied and proclaimed,
all his many virtues,
and his fathering the monks

السلام لأنبا شنودة
رئيس المتوحدين
السلام لأنبا شنودة
قاهر الشياطين

Hail to Abba Shenouda,
the archimandrite,
hail to Abba shenouda,
vanquisher of the demons.

السلام للغيور
الذى حضر المجمع
وبكت نسطور
عسى أن يرجع

Hail to the zealous,
who attended the Council,
and reproached Nestor,
so that he might repent.

السلام لموسى الجديد
واضع الناموس
بك يليق التمجيد
للرب القدوس

Hail to the new Moses,
who laid down the law,
through you we glorify,
our Lord the Holy One.

السلام للأنبا شنودة
الحامى عن الإيمان
السلام للأنبا شنودة
معلم الرهبان

Hail to Abba Shenouda,
the defender of the faith,
hail to Abba Shenouda,
the teacher of the monks.

السلام لمن تملّى
بكنيسة الأبكار
والمسيح له تجلى
وكشف له الأسرار

Hail to him who was adorned,
with the Church of the virtuous,
to whom Christ did appear,
and reveal all mysteries.

السلام للمبرور
الملتحف بالنور
منه يفوح بخور
نعمة وبهجة وسرور

Hail to the righteous,
who is clothed in light,
from whom incense proceeds,
grace, joy and gladness.

السلام للمتحلى
بالفضائل المسيحية
ونوره يتلالى
ينير فى البرية

Hail to him who is adorned,
with the Christian virtues,
and whose light shines,
throughout the wilderness.

اشفع فى الحاضرين
ياسراج الرهبان
واجعلهم ثابتين
فى نعمة الإيمان

Intercede for those present,
O beacon of all monks,
and make them all steadfast,
in the grace of faith.

طوباك ثم طوباك
يامرشد النفوس
الملائكة ترتل لك
آكسيوس آكسيوس

Blessed are you indeed,
O true guide of all souls,
the angels chant for you:
"Axios, axios, axios!"

تفسير اسمك فى أفواه
كل المؤمنين
الكل يقولون يا إله
انبا شنودة أعتا أجمعين

The meaning of your name,
in the mouths of all believers,
they all cry out and say,
O God of St. Shenouda, have mercy on us all.


Another Translation:
Glory and holiness,
To him who is righteous,
Who chose the saint,
The great Abba Shenouda.


This saint was raised,
In a village of Akhmim,
And Jesus the Lord of holiness,
Signed his Eskim.


He chose him from his childhood,
And the Theotokos named him,
"Shenouda" O how cherished,
That means "the Son of God."


His blessed father,
Thought and began saying,
"Let´s go to take the blessing,
Of Abba Bigol."


His uncle Abba Bigol,
Prophesied and proclaimed,
And spoke of his honor,
That he is father of the monks.


Hail to Abba Shenouda,
The Archimandrite,
Hail to Abba Shenouda,
The defeator of Satan.


Hail to the zealous one,
Who attended the council,
And reproached Nestorius,
That maybe he would return.


Hail to the new Moses,
Who instituted the law,
You are glorified,
Through the name of Jesus Christ.


Hail to Abba Shenouda,
The defender of the faith,
Hail to Abba Shenouda,
The teacher of the monks.


Hail to the servant of Christ,
Who is full of light,
The struggle-mantled,
With power and a strong heart.


Hail to the one who is,
Full of Christian virtues,
Whose light is shining bright,
In the wilderness.


Intercede for the Christians,
O the lampstand of the monks,
And make them strong,
In the Christian faith.


Blessed are you,
The guide of all the souls,
The angels sing to you saying,
"Axios Axios Axios."


Your name is on the mouths,
Of all the faithful,
They all say O God,
Of Abba Shenouda help us all.