Watos Psali Said During the Washing of the Feet :: `A Pen[oic I=y=c P=,=c :: إبصالية واطس تقال في وقت غسيل الأرجل


Our Lord Jesus Christ, gave a sign to His Apostles, to love one another, in perfect love.

`A Pen[oic I=y=c P=,[email protected] ]`noumyini `nnef`[email protected] hina `ntoumenre nou`[email protected] qen ou`agapy ecjyk `ebol.

ربنا يسوع المسيح، أعطى علامة لرسله، لكي يحب بعضهم بعضاً، محبة كاملة.

When He had perfected, His signs and miracles on earth, He gave them a covenant, to love humility.

`Etafjwk `ebol `[email protected] nem nef`svyri hijen [email protected] af,w qa totou `noudia;[email protected] hina `ntoumenre pi;ebio.

ولما أكمل آياته، وعجائبه على الأرض، وضع لهم عهداً، لكي يحبوا التواضع.

He poured water in a basin, and washed their feet, and He commanded them saying, "You also do likewise."

Afhiou`i `nou`mwou `[email protected] afiwi `nnou[alauj `[email protected] afhonhen nwou efjw `[email protected] je `ariou`i `n;wten `mpairy].

صبَّ ماء في مغسل، وغسل أرجلهم، وأمرهم قائلاً، "إصنعوا أنتم هكذا."

And after He had washed their feet, He gave Himself up to death willingly, and the pleasure of His Father, and the Holy Spirit.

Menenca piiwi `nte nou[[email protected] aftyif `e`vmou qen [email protected] nem `p]ma] `[email protected] nem Pi`pneuma E;ouab.

ومن بعد ما غسل أرجلهم، أسلم للموت بإرادته، ومسرة أبيه، والروح القدس.

He was crucified on the wood of the Cross, and was pierced with a spear in His right side, blood and water came flowing, to purify the believers.

Auasf `e`pse `nte Pi`[email protected] au] `noulog,y naf `epef`cvir `nou`[email protected] `a oumwou nem ou`cnof qa] `[email protected] `eoutoubo `nnye;nah].

صُلِبَ على خشبة الصليب، وطُعِنَ بحربة في جنبه الأيمن، فجَرَى منه دم وماء، طهارة للمؤمنين.

He died and was placed in a tomb, He rose on the third day, He ascended into the heavens, and sat at the right hand of His Father.

Afmou au,af qen ou`[email protected] aftwnf qen pi`ehoou `[email protected] ouoh ausenaf `e`pswi `enivyou`[email protected] afhemci caou`inam `mPefiwt.

مات ووُضِعَ في قبرٍ، وقام في اليوم الثالث، وصعد إلى السموات، وجلس عن يمين إبيه.

His Disciples remained on earth, until the Pentecost, and the Spirit of comfort, rested upon them.

`A nefma;ytyc cwjp hijen [email protected] sa `pjwk `ebol `n}[email protected] `a Pi`pneuma `[email protected] `mton `mmof `e`hryi `ejwou.

وبَقي تلاميذه على الأرض، إلى كمال الخمسين، وأن الروح المعزي، إستراح عليهم.

They spoke in the language of the heavenly, and the tune of the angels, and they revealed the name of the Lord, and His life‑giving miracles.

Auceji qen `tacpi `nte na `[email protected] `tlalia `nte [email protected] auouwnh `ebol `m`vran `m`[email protected] nem nefmyini `nreftanqo.

فتكلموا بلغة السمائيين، نغمة الملائكة، وأظهروا إسم الرب، وآياته المحيية.

After they had received the Spirit, they fasted also, as their Lord, fasted on earth.

Menenca nai `etau[i `mPi`[email protected] auernycteuin `n;wou [email protected] kata `vry] `eta Pou[[email protected] ernycteuin hijen pikahi.

ومن بعد ما قبلوا الروح، صاموا هم أيضاً، كما صام سيدهم، على الأرض.

When they completed their fasting, they performed the sign which He gave them, that is humility, and the perfection of love.

`Etacjwk `ebol `nje [email protected] au`iri `m`vmyini `etaftyif [email protected] `ete vai pe pi;[email protected] nem `pjwk `ebol `n]`agapy.

فلما تم صيامهم، صنعوا العلامة التي سلمها لهم، أعني التواضع، وكمال المحبة.

And also Peter, the successor our Lord Jesus Christ, poured water in a basin, and washed their feet.

`A Petroc pidiado,[email protected] `nte Pen=o=c I=y=c P=,[email protected] hiou`i `noumwou `[email protected] afiwi `nnou[alauj `ebol.

وأن بطرس، خليفة ربنا يسوع، صبَّ ماء في مغسل، وغسل أرجلهم.

As he saw our Lord Jesus Christ, when He washed their feet, before His Crucifixion, upon the Cross.

Kata `vry] `[email protected] `ePen=o=c I=y=c P=,=c `etafiwi `nnou[alauj `[email protected] `mpatouasf `ePi`ctauroc.

كما رأى ربنا يسوع المسيح، لما غسل أقدامهم، قبل أن يُصلَب، على الصليب.

Therefore the sign was given, to all people on earth, to do according to, our fathers the Apostles.

E;be vai afswpi `[email protected] `nrwmi niben et hijen [email protected] hina `ntou`iri kata `vry]@ `nnenio] `n`apoctoloc.

من أجل هذا صارت علامة، لكل الناس الذين على الأرض، لكي يصنعوا، كمثل آبائنا الرسل.

And after they had walked and preached, according to the command of our Savior, they baptized all people, in the name of the Holy Trinity.

Meneca nai aumosi [email protected] kata `vouahcahni `[email protected] au]wmc `nrwmi [email protected] qen `vran `n}`triac =e=;=u.

وبعد هذا مشوا وبشروا، كأمر مخلصنا، وعمدوا جميع الناس، بإسم الثالوث القدوس.

Pray to the Lord on our behalf, O my lords and fathers the Apostles, and the seventy two disciples, that He may forgive us our sins.

Twbh `m`P=o=c `e`hryi `[email protected] `w na[oic `nio] `n`[email protected] nem pi`sbe`cnau `mma;[email protected] `ntef,a nennobi nan `ebol.

أطلبوا من الرب عنا، يا سادتي الآباء الرسل، والإثنان والسبعون تلميذاً، ليغفر لنا خطايانا.