The Order of the Laqan

The Order of the Laqan (The Blessing of the Water)

- After Matins, the Clergy put on their Tonias while chanting "Ek-esmaro-oot".
- Then Ep-oro is chanted (if there is time).
- The prayer of thanksgiving is prayed normally.
- The verses of cymbals are done in this order:

The Watos or Adam Intro
Shere ne Mareia...
Shere ne Mareia...
"Esos Pikhrestos ensaf..."
The apostles

- Psalm 50 (51) is prayed.
- The Prophecies.

Exodus 15:22-16:1.
Exodus 30:17-30.
Isaiah 1:16-26.
Isaiah 35:1-10.
Isaiah 43:16-44:1-6.
Zechariah 8:7-19.
Zechariah 14:8-11.

- Tenoo-osht is said and than the Pauline Epistle is read (Hebrews 10:22-38).
- Than the Trisagion is said and than the litany of the gospel.
- Psalm is chanted (Psalms 50:7&10).
- Gospel is chanted (John 5:1-18).
- Then the Priest prays "Efnouti nai nan" than the people response with "Lord have mercy" 10 times.
- The gospel response is said.
- Then the seven long litanies are prayed in this order:

The Sick.
The Travelers.
The Waters, Plants, & Fruits.
The Leader (King).
The Departed.
The Oblation.
The Catechumens.

- Then the Priest prays the litanies and at the end, the people would responses with "Lord have mercy" 100 times.
- The litanies of the Peace, the Fathers, and the Congregation are prayed.
- Then the deacon says "Ensofeia" and the people would start The Creed.
- The Aspasmos is than said (if there is time).
- Then the deacon says "Epros-fereen."
- Then the people response with "Eleos ere-nees, A mercy of peace."
- Then the Priest starts praying the Anaphora.
- The people would response with "The Cherubim worship You."
- Then the Priest prays "Agios" and than the anointing of the water starts with the people responding with "Amen."
- Then the deacon says "Epros-evek-sasti" and the people say "Lord have mercy."
- Then the Priest prays another prayer.
- Then the deacon says "Epros-evek-sasti" and the people say "Lord have mercy."
- Then "Our Father ...," the absolution (inaudibly) for the Priest, and than the deacon says "Sotis Amen..."
- Then the Priest prays "Blessed be the Lord Jesus Christ...," and the people response with "One is the holy Father..."
- Then Psalm 150 is chanted.
- During Psalm 150, the Priest washes the men´s feet (and anoints the women).
- Then if there is time, the special Watos Psali is chanted.
- Then the liturgy is prayed as normal according to the rites of the feast of the apostles.