Psali Adam - Sunday (General) :: `A V] pinayt :: إبصالية آدام - الأحد


God the merciful, the King of the ages, the Great and compassionate, and the true one.
He sent His Word, to the true bride, and dwelt in her womb, for our salvation.

`A V] [email protected] `pouro `nni`[email protected] pinis] `[email protected] ouoh `n`aly;inoc.
Bwrp nan `[email protected] `e]selyt `[email protected] afswpi qen [email protected] e;be penoujai.

الله الرحوم ملك الدهور العظيم المتحنن والحقيقي.
أرسل لنا كلمته إلي العروس الحقيقية وحل في بطنها من أجل خلاصنا.

+ He was born of the Virgin, on this day, the overflowing fountain, Jesus the King of Glory.
+ O David come in our midst, with your book of Psalms, to the city of God, full of blessing.

+ Genne;ic `o ekpar;[email protected] `m`vry] `mpai`[email protected] ]moumi `na;[email protected] I=y=c `pouro `nte `p`wou.
+ Dauid `amou tenmy]@ `nhanjwm `m'ali`[email protected] `e]baki `nte V]@ e;meh `neulogi`a.

+ ولد من العذراء في مثل هذا اليوم الينبوع الغير الناضب يسوع ملك المجد.
+ يا داود تعال في وسطنا بكتاب مزاميرك إلي مدينة الله المملوءة بركة.

Our Savior, who know her, delighted to, dwell in her.
Many are, your praises, more than the sand of the sea, O Mary our lady.

Epidy gar af]ma]@ `eswpi `[email protected] `nje penrefcw]@ vy`etaucemnytc.
Zeos `[email protected] `nje neeuvomi`[email protected] para `t`ypi `[email protected] `w ten=o=c Mari`a.

اذ سر أن يحل فيها مخلصنا الذي اتقنها.
كثيرة جداً هي مدائحك أكثر من عدد الرمل يا سيدنتا مريم.

+ For turly, it was said to us, by Isaiah, the true prophet.
+ This is a great wonder, unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given, of great counsel.

+ Yppe gar `aly;[email protected] pairy] on afjw `[email protected] `nje `Yca`[email protected] ke `provytyc `ocioc.
+ :ai te ]nis] `n`[email protected] ou`alou nan [email protected] au] nan `[email protected] va pico[ni `n`svyri.

+ لانه هكذا بالحقيقة أيضاً قال أشعياء النبي الكامل.
+ هذه أعجوبة عظيمة غلام ولد لنا وابناً أعطيناه هو صاحب المشورة العظمي.

Jesus Christ the Mighty, and the government, will be upon, His shoulder.
Truly indeed, it was said by Ezekiel, about the Messiah, the King of Israel.

I=y=c P=,=c [email protected] pi`[email protected] vy`ere tefar,[email protected] ,y hijen nefmou] tyrc.
Kalwc on [email protected] `nje [email protected] `ejen [email protected] `pouro `mP=i=c=l.

يسوع المسيح المتسلط القوي الذي سلطانه علي منكبيه.
حسناً قال ايضاً حزقيال علي الماسيا ملك اسرائيل.

+ I also saw, a Gate towards the East, sealed with a mysterious seal, and God the merciful.
+ No man shall enter it, but Him who did, we praise Him with praises, that befits Him.

+ Loipon ainau `[email protected] `nca nima`[email protected] ectob qen outebc `n`[email protected] V] pirefnai.
+ `Mpe `hli se `[email protected] `erof `ebyl `n;[email protected] tenhwc naf qen ou`[email protected] kata pe;ranaf.

+ وأيضاًُ رأيت باباُ ناحية المشارق مختوماً بخاتم عجيب والله الرحوم.
+ لم يدخله أحد غيرة نسبحه تسبيحاً كما يرضيه.

The kings of the Magi, came from the East, and worshiped the Christ, whose name is honored.
Truly, they opened their gifts, and offered unto him, three offerings.

Niourwou `[email protected] au`i `ebol ca [email protected] auouwst `mP=,[email protected] va piran ettai`yout.
Xapina [email protected] `nnou`ahwr au`[email protected] naf `[email protected] `tri`adikon au]myini.

أ تي ملوك المجوس من المشرق وسجدوا للمسيح ذي الاسم المكرم.
حقاً فتحوا كنوزهم وقدموا له قرابين ثلاثة.

+ Frankincense a symbol of divinity, gold for his kingship, and Myrrh a symbol, of his life-giving death.
+ Also the kings, of the arabs, and the shepherds, and Saba and Algeria.

+ Oulibanoc hwc nou]@ nem ounoub hwc [email protected] nem ousal au][email protected] `epefjinmou `nreftanqo.
+ Pairy] [email protected] `nte ni`[email protected] nem niman`[email protected] nem Caba nem ninycoc.

+ لباناً علامة علي الوهيتة وذهباً اشارة الي انه ملك ومراً اشارة الي موته المحيي.
+ وهكذا ملوك العرب والرعاة وسابا والجزائر.

Truly they offered to Him, acceptable offerings, they worshiped Him, as a Lord and Master.
We also the believers, the strong and the brave, ought to, in the name of Christ.

Rytoc au`ini [email protected] `nhandwron [email protected] ouoh auouwst `[email protected] kata [oic `nnyb.
Ce ernofri nan de [email protected] `anon qa [email protected] nijwri `[email protected] qen `vran `mP=,=c.

حقاً قدموا له قرابين مقبولة وسجدوا له كرب وسيد.
نعم يجب علينا نحن ايضاً معشر المؤمنين الأشداء الشجعان بأسم المسيح.

+ To gather together, to celebrate for Him, with a pure heart, and offer unto Him.
+ All exaltation and praise, glorification and honor, as befits God, with pure tongues.

+ Ten;ouyt [email protected] hina `ntenersai [email protected] qen ouhyt `[email protected] ouoh `nten`ini naf.
+ Umnoc niben nem [email protected] nem handoxologi`[email protected] `m`vry] `n;e`o `[email protected] qen ]acpi `apigi`a.

+ أن نجتمع معاً لكي نعيد له بقلب طاهر ونقدم له.
+ كل التماجيد وتسبيح وكرامات بالإله بألسنة طاهرة.

For He who was, born of Mary, was crucified, for our sins.
Hurry and save us, from our enemies, O who by His death, carried our sins.

Vy gar `[email protected] `ebol qen Mari`[email protected] `n;of pe vy`[email protected] e;be nen`anomi`a.
<wlem de on [email protected] `ebolqen ]`;[email protected] hiten pefmou [email protected] `e] `anapaucic.

لان الذي ولد من مريم هو الذي صلب من أجل اثامنا.
اسرع أيضاً وخلصنا من أعدئنا يا من بموته احتمل آلامنا.

+ Let all souls give, reverence to Him, with His Holy Father, and say with joy.
+ O Shepherd and Savior, we sing unto you, and give praise to you, incessantly.

+ "u,y niben [email protected] marou`[nejwou [email protected] nem pefiwt vy=e=;[email protected] `ajoc qen ouounof.
+ `W piman`[email protected] `nrefnohem `[email protected] qen hanhwdy `n`[email protected] enhwc nak ac valwc.

+ فلتخضع كل الانفس له مع أبيك القدوس ولنقل بفرح.
+ أيها الراعي المخلص حسناً نرتل لك ونسبحك بغير فتور.