The First Hoos Lobsh :: Pilwbs `nte Pihwc `nHouit :: لبش الهوس الأول


With the split, the waters of the sea split, and the very deep, became a walkway.

Qen ouswt [email protected] `nje pimwou `nte `[email protected] ouoh `vnoun [email protected] afswpi `nouma `mmosi.

قطعاً إنقطع، ماء البحر، والعمق العميق، صار مَسلكاً.

+ A hidden earth, was shone upon by the sun, and an untrodden road, was walked upon.

+ Oukahi `na;[email protected] `a`vry sai [email protected] oumwit `[email protected] aumosi hiwtf.

+ أرض غير ظاهرة، أشرقت الشمس عليها، وطريق غير مسلوكة، مشوا عليها.

The flowing water, stood still, by a miraculous, act of wonder.

Oumwou efbyl `[email protected] af`ohi `[email protected] qen ouhwb `n`[email protected] `mparadoxon.

ماء مُنحل، وقف، بفِعل عجيب، مُعِجز.

+ Pharaoh and his chariots, were drowned, and the children of Israel, crossed the sea.

+ Vara`w nem [email protected] auwmc `[email protected] nensyri `[email protected] auerjinior `m`viom.

+ غرق فرعون، ومركباته، وعبر بنو إسرائيل، البحر.

And in front of them was, Moses the prophet praising, until he brought them, to the wilderness of Sinai.

`Enafhwc qajwou [email protected] `nje Mw`ucyc pi`[email protected] sa `ntef[itou `[email protected] hi `psafe `nCina.

وكان موسى النبي، يسبح قدامهم، حتى أدخلهم، برية سيناء.

+ And they were praising God, with this new psalmody, saying "Let us sing to the Lord, for He has triumphed gloriously."

+ `Enafhwc `e`Vnou]@ qen taihwdy `[email protected] je marenhwc `e`P[[email protected] je qen ou`wou gar af[i`wou.

+ وكانوا يسبحون الله، بهذه التسبحة الجديدة قائلين، "فلنسبح الرب، لأنه بالمجد قد تمجد."

Through the prayers, of Moses the archprophet, O Lord grant us, the forgiveness of our sins.

Hiten nieu,[email protected] `nte Mw`ucyc piar,y`[email protected] `P[oic `ari`hmot [email protected] `mpi,w `ebol `nte nennobi.

بصلوات، موسى رئيس الأنبياء، يا رب إنعم لنا، بمغفرة خطايانا.

+ Through the intercessions, of the Mother of God Saint Mary, O Lord grant us, the forgiveness of our sins.

+ Hiten ni`[email protected] `nte };e`otokoc e;ouab [email protected] `P[oic `ari`hmot [email protected] `mpi,w `ebol `nte nennobi.

+ بشفاعات، والدة الإله القديسة مريم، يا رب إنعم لنا، بمغفرة خطايانا.

We worship You O Christ, with Your good Father, and the Holy Spirit, for You have (risen/come) and saved us.

Tenouwst `mmok `w Pi`,[email protected] nem Pekiwt `n`aga;[email protected] nem Pi`pneuma e;[email protected] je (aktwnk/ak`i) akcw] `mmon.

نسجد لك أيها المسيح، مع أبيك الصالح، والروح القدس، لأنك (قُمتأتيت) وخلصتنا.

Khen o-shot afshot, enje pi-mo-oo ente efiom, owoh ef-noon et-sheek, af-shopi en-oma-emo-shi.



Oo-kahi en-ath-oo-onh, a-efri shai hi-gof, oo-moit en-at-sini, av-moshi hei-iotf.



Ou-mow-ou ef-vil evol, af-ohi e-ratf, khen ou-howb enishfiri, empara-zokson.



Phara-o nem nef-harma, av-owms e-pesit, nen-sheri empis-rael, av-er-gini-ior emifyom.



Einaf-hos khagow-ou pe, enje Moysis pipro-phitees, sha-entef-etshitou ekhon, he ep-shafi en-Sina.



Einav-hos Efnouti, khen tai hoze emveri, je marin-hos Epshois, je khen ou-ow-ou gharafichi-ow-ou



Hiten ni-evshi, ente Moysis pi-arshi-eprofetees, Epshois ari-ehmot nan, empikow evol ente nennovi.



Hiten ni-epres-via, ente-ti-theotokos ethowab Maria, Epshois ari-ehmot nan, empikow evol ente nennovi.



Ten-ou-owsht emmok ow Pekhristos, nem Pekiot en-aghathos, nem pi-Epnevma ethowab, je (ak-ee) aksowti emmon.