Order of Liturgy


Service should prayed with a joyful tune
1- The third and sixth hours of the Agpeya are prayed.

2- The offering of the Lamb is done with the hymn Fai be pi.

3- The hymn of Sothis Amen, Tai shori, and the hymn of the Intercessions are chanted observing the same Rites as in Easter.

4- Afrek etfe is chanted after the reading of the Praxis.

5- A procession is done around the church three times venerating the icon of the Lord's Ascension while chanting the hymn Ekhrestos anisti and than Ekhrestos analin-epsin and than end with Pikhrestos aftonf.

6- The Trisagion is chanted three times with the verse for the Ascension.

7- The Response to the Psalm is said.

8- The Response to the Gospel is said.

9- The Aspasmos Adam is said.

10- The Aspasmos Watos is said.

11- The Resurrection Fraction is prayed with the addition of the sentence for the Ascension.

12- Psalm 150 is chanted during communion with the addition of its respective refrain verse.

13- A melody (madeha) for the Ascension may be chanted.

14- The ending of the service hymn in then chanted.