5th of the Egyptian :: Areswpi `noumah`cnou] `mve :: الخامس من المصري


You became a second heaven, for Him who created heaven and earth, honored higher than the heaven, and all who dwell on earth.

Areswpi `noumah`cnou] `[email protected] `mvy`etaf;amio `n`tve nem `[email protected] tetai`yout `ehote `[email protected] nem ny`etsop hijen pikahi.

صرت سماء ثانية، الذي خلق السماء والارض، مكرمة أفضل من السماء، وكل السكان علي الارض.

You became a second heaven, and throne to God, who came down from heaven, and was incarnate of your womb.

Areswpi `noumah`cnou] `[email protected] nem `nou`;ronoc `mV]@ vy`etafi `epecyt `ebolqen `[email protected] af[icarx `ebolqen teneji.

صرت سماء ثانية، وكرسياً لله، الذي نزل من السماء، وأخذ جسدا من بطنك.

You became a second heaven, O Mary the new heaven, for out of you the Sun of righteousness, shone upon us.

Areswpi `noumah`cnou] `[email protected] `w Maria ]ve `[email protected] afsai nan `ebol`nqy]@ `nje piry `nte ]dike`ocuny.

صرت سماء ثانية، يا مريم السماء الجديدة، لانه أشرق لنا منك، شمس البر.

You became a second heaven, to Him who fills heaven and earth, and returned our gift, with majestic authority.

Areswpi `noumah`cnou] `[email protected] `mvy`e;moh `n`tve nem `[email protected] aftac;o `nnen`[email protected] qen ou`ersisi `nou`amahi.

صرت سماء ثانية، للذي يملأ السماء والأرض، ورد مكسبنا بسلطان عزيز.

You became a second heaven, to Him who the angels fear, and you gave birth to Him, without marriage.

Areswpi `noumah`cnou] `[email protected] `mvy`etare ni`[email protected] `eterho] [email protected] `aremici `mmof a[ne gamoc.

صرت سماء ثانية، للذي تخافه الملائكة، وولدته، بغير زواج.

You became a second heaven, who you borne in flesh, and it was prophesied since the beginning, concerning the Virgin Mary.

Areswpi `noumah`cnou] `[email protected] `mvy`etar`ejvof kata [email protected] au`er`provyteuin icjen [email protected] e;be Maria ]Par;enoc.

صرت سماء ثانية، للذي ولدته بالجسد، ومنذ البدء قد تنبأوا، من أجل مريم العذراء.

You became a second heaven, to Him who came and saved us, and delivered our souls, from the destruction of the devils.

Areswpi `noumah`cnou] `[email protected] `mvy`etaf`i afcw] `[email protected] afnohem `nnen`'u,[email protected] `ebolqen `ptako `nnidemwn.

صرت سماء ثانية، للذي أتي وخلصنا، وخلص نفوسنا، من هلاك الشياطين.

For that we praise God, who was incarnate of you, and became a man like us, except for sin.

E;be vai tenhwc `eV]@ vy`etaf[icarx `ebol `nqy]@ af`errwmi `mpenry]@ saten `vnobi `mmauatf.

فلهذا نسبح الله، الذي تجسد منك، وصار إنساناً مثلنا، ما خلا الخطية.