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  • lol yes your right. I completely forgot about that. The point about prayer though still stands even during the Holy Fifty days. Good point. 
    in i have sinned Comment by Howdy May 24
  • Oh and also the enemy HATES prostration, prayer, fasting, and partaking of he eucharist (after proper repentance and confession)! The enemy and any strong hold will flee from a person that practises these things with a broken and contrite heart. 
    in i have sinned Comment by Howdy May 24
  • I find it VERY hard to believe that God wouldn't help you if you SINCERELY: 1. Cry out to Him asking for His help2. Sincerely repent (i.e. acknowledge you were wrong and make the decision to stop in your heart) 3. Acknowledge you can’t stop on your …
    in i have sinned Comment by Howdy May 24
  • Amen! It doesn't always feel that way but I know it's true intellectually. Thank you both.
  • Hi Augin, continue to repent and confess as much as necessary. Don't loose heart. Something else that might be helpful is to study what happens to you the next time you fall into temptation. Try to figure out what triggers you right before the sin.…
    in i have sinned Comment by Howdy May 23