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  • yeah i agree with princess mary. :) shouldnt we call that suicide? i mean they have help but they refusing it. if those ppl are already dead but the machines are doing the work, then i think those ppl are not alive, and they dont deserve to sufer.
  • [quote author=Peter Gergis link=board=1;threadid=186;start=0#msg935 date=1083003841] Hey GodsInMyHeart, Just asking, I have an article by a protestant pastor from Britain. In his sermon, he discusses how Jesus is an entity of God. he also discuss…
  • [quote author=Mark423 link=board=1;threadid=210;start=0#msg1029 date=1083204756] To enter the kingdom of god, one must be baptized; however, what if they are baptized in a church other than the Orthodox Church. For example, a protestant person who i…
  • [quote author=jp link=board=1;threadid=22;start=0#msg42 date=1059204433] What are the Coptic views on dating. I am very interested. [/quote] Well i dont know about Coptic views, but i know about christianity... there is nothing wrong with dating…
  • Yes we are all equal, God chose men to deliever his messages because men were powerful at that time, and their word is more respected then women, God didnt have the intention to do that but human based it like that. God didn't take a muscle from ada…
  • :)
  • [quote author=Mark423 link=board=1;threadid=202;start=0#msg1030 date=1083204916] WHOA!!! super high five for you! thank you verrrrrrry much :) :) :) :) [/quote] high five back ;) and ur welcome anytime
  • Well i certainly dont care about the dictionaries :) I care about the bible and how Jesus describe christianity :)
  • Leviticus 19:28 " 'Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the LORD.
  • You won't be judged on how you look like or on how clean you are or whats on you, but you will be judged by the inside, mind, and heart... so if you had a pure heart and had a tattoo on that doesnt mean you are going to go to hell.
  • Well this is all depends on how you really define christianity.. I believe a real christian is someone who follows god's word and do all good to people and harm no one. Not everybody who call themselves christians are christians. I dont really have…
  • [quote author=Peter Gergis link=board=1;threadid=186;start=0#msg864 date=1082744616] Dear Godsinmyheart, are you Coptic? [/quote] Hi peter, just curious, im wondering why u asking that Q? And to answer your q, No im not. :)
  • You've been already added! :) thank you
  • Yeah, ur right, but i think people are over doing it these days.
  • Thank you guys :). but this is what confuses me, he always represented himself as the SON of God and not god himself... and in other section in the bible especially the letters that were sent by many ppl spreading the word of Jesus, he was represent…
  • Thank you guys for ur replies :) i appreciate it. That was a good info u gave us peter, but it is sad to see how ppl get closer to god in bad situations and how they forget him in their happy times.
  • Thank you for ur welcome :). i will try and ask as much as i can, cause i need to learn more. :)