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  • yeah i agree with you too Katherine. i dont know why people think prom is like a club or party most of those people said that they didnt go so they wouldnt know if it was like that or not. prom isnt bad, but that night can be bad if someone decides …
    in Prom? Comment by xn0nax June 2006
  • yeah i know how u feel. my best friend and most of my friends at school do that kind of stuff and i could never stop being friends with them. just stick with them but every time they ask u jus say no and theyll have more respect for u each time. tha…
  • im 15 turning 16 in july... hey im from LA but moved to arizona when i was still a youngin lol i
  • i go to St. Mark coptic orthodox church in Phx arizona
  • pray before reading the bible read at a nice pace (without rushing) have the will to focus study bibles are the best they break everything down so well i wouldnt understand anything without it many God bless you
    in Umm... Comment by xn0nax June 2006
  • yeah u should just relax and theres no problem w/ talking to other 'females' just dont act nervous because that might give her the impression that you like her or you want something to happen. i think your one of those people that needs to break out…
  • ha i agree
    in hair Comment by xn0nax June 2006